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    DPPt/HGSS Weekday Siblings' Ribbons in HG/SS

    So I have been trying to collect ribbons for my Glaceon and I have been stuck trying to collect the daily ribbons from the siblings in SoulSilver. They keep on saying I can only receive one ribbon a week. However, I have waited a month since the last time I got one and they still won't give me...
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    Singles or Booster Box for Master Set

    So I have been thinking about completing a Master Set of Majestic Dawn. Should I buy a booster box and then buy the singles that I am missing or should I just buy all the singles? As of right now, I would think a booster box is the best route but I have not calculated how much buying all singles...
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    Error In Printing?

    I just bought a pack of cards for the fun of it and pulled an Articuno card, but it seems like during the printing process it got misaligned? I am just wondering how much I could sell this for. I know the non-error print is like less than $1. Card...
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    Unlimited Edition Japanese Sets

    I am trying to buy some cards for my cousin for his birthday and I was wondering if the following sets were ever printed in an "Unlimited Edition" run. They are all Japanese sets and were all printed in 1st Edition, but I have not been able to find any of these sets in Unlimited prints. (He...
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    Japanese 1st Edition & Unlimited Edition Prints

    1st Edition prints for Japanese cards have started since VS, I believe. I was wondering "how long" 1st Editions are printed until Unlimited Editions start to be printed. Also, are some sets never printed in Unlimited Editions? For example, I have only seen 1st Edition Bonds to the End of Time...
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    Please Close

    Looking to buy a Glaceon Majestic Dawn 20/100 Snowflake Promo card from the 2008 Advent Calendar. Paypal only please. Thanks!