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    Ruling Reprint with Secret Rares

    With terrakion becoming a SR, will it still be tournament legal when Noble Victories gets rotated?
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    Boundaries Crossed disscusion thread - post 11 for checklist

    What is your opinion on Boundaries Crossed? What cards are playable, and what cards are not? Did TPCI make a good desicion to release a set like this? ###
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    Mewtwo EX/Tornadus EX/siglyph

    >3 Mewtwo EX > 2 tornadus EX > 2 sigilyph > > 8 {P} energy > 4 {C}{C} energy > > 2 skyarrow > 2 RR > 4 pluspower > 3 potion > 2 SSU > 3 switch > 2 catchers > 4 energy switch > 1 rescue scarf > 2 super rod > 2 ultra ball > 3 eviolite > 2 tool scrappers > 4 N > 4 juniper Strategy: Start with...
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    593462 warrenton BR report

    I have a hooh tornadus deck. I run 2 mewtwos, 2 tornadus EX, 1 tornadus, 1 hooh. :( Round 1: vs Darkrai hydreigon (joseph moretto) I DCE my tornadus and passes. He attaches an energy to his darkrai EX and passes. I attach an energy and hurricanes. He rare candies into hydreigon and he max...
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    What is ho oh best paired with?

    I`ve been trying to build a ho oh deck and I`m wondering what ho oh should be paired with. Any ideas?
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    new VVV replacement

    With the death of V VV, a new idea would be Celebi and gothitelle. Using Celebi, you can attack, switch, then put up gothitelle with trainer lock. What do you think?
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    Rayquaza SR or Rayquaza EX

    Many Rayeels decks have focused on Rayquaza EX and some only include Rayquaza SR. Which do you think is the best? Rayquaza SR: can donk is like terrakion Only gives up 1 prize Rayquaza EX: can OHKO any EX Discards energy to be recycled Has higher HP What do you think?
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    How to get lucky pulls

    This thread is dedicated to ways to get lucky pulls. This is my way. When I went to a DEx pre release, Every 3 packs I got an EX. On my 3rd pack, I got a tornadus EX. On my 6th pack, I got a Darkrai EX. 2 days ago, I bought 3 packs. My 3rd pack I got a Groudon EX FA. I know it's not a...
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    Dusknoir/ registeel/ groudon BW-on

    Here's a deck I want to go to regionals with. 3-1-3 duskinoir 3 kyurem 2 groudon EX 1 landorus EX 1 darkrai EX 3 rare candy 2 juniper 2 cheren 4 N 2 skyla 1 switch 1 computer search 3 ultra ball 3 catcher 4 escape rope 2 eviolite 2 bianca 2 large cloak 2 RR 3 water energy 2 {F} energy 4 prism...
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    This thread is dedicated to pre-releases. You can talk about what you did and what you pulled. All pokebeach rules apply! For example: At my Dark explorers pre release, I pulled 2 exs and got 2nd place with a record of 3-1. At my noble victories pre release, I pulled a hydreigon, an...
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    Will terrakion die in poplarity?

    Terrakion has been a very common card used to turn the tables against a darkrai or zekeels deck. But with Dragons Exalted coming out, will it die in popularity? People will include lots of dragon type pokemon not weakened to fighting! What do you think?
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    Zekeels deck

    Need help with this deck. Recently pulled a Groudon EX so I decided to put it in. 2 Zekrom 1 Zekrom EX 1 mewtwo EX 4-3 eelectrik 1 terrakion 5{L} energy 4 {F} energy 2 {C}{C} energy 2 pluspower 2 bianca 3 eviolite 2 random receiver 2 revive 4 juniper 3 PONT 2 level ball 3...
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    Rayeels deck for battle roads

    When Dragons Exalted{DRG} comes out, I want to build this deck. 1 zekrom ex 2 mewtwo x 2 rayquaza ex 1 raikou ex 2 zekrom 2-2 eelectrik 6{L} energy 4{R} energy 4{C}{C} energy 4 professor juniper 2 N 4 pokemon catcher 2 eviolite 2 bianca 1 heavy ball 2 level ball 2 ultra ball 2...
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    Using Stunfisk as a counter

    [/b]There has been a lot of talk about using terrakion as a counter to Darkrai decks and ZekEels, I have learned that using Stunfisk {F} is a great way to counter against some dark and electric pokemon. Any comments?
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    ZekEels for Battle road BW-on!

    I'm making a ZekEels deck for fall battle roads and I need some help. 1 Zekrom EX 2 terrakion (EP, don't have NV) 1 zapdos 1 tornadus ( counter to terrakion) 2 zekrom 4-3 eelectrik 6 {L} energy 4 {C}{C} energy 3 {F} energy 2 prism energy 4 professor juniper 2 N 2 cheren 1...