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    Your Fears

    Some of the most common fears out there are the fears of heights, certain bugs, failure, and rejection, but there are some other kinds of fears out there, especially some unusual ones. What are yours? One of my fears is at nighttime, when I am in bed, and I hear a noise outside that I don't...
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    Wi-Fi Trades Need Help? CC's "My Player Thread" - Check It Out! :O

    Welcome, all, to CC's Player Thread! :o My Info FC: Shawn 5412 7314 4288 - Diamond Contact Time: Whenever you see me online, which is often. You may reach me via a post on this thread, or at my AIM address, which can be found in my profile. Let's Lay Down Some Rules 1. Let me know if...
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    Writing Another Pokemon Fanfic...

    Main Characters: Cyder (protagonist); Marissa (protagonist); Team Rocket (antagonist(s)); Team Galactic (antagonist(s)) Teams: Cyder: Floatzel, Drifblim, Luxray, Medicham; Marissa: Raichu, Alakazam, Meganium, Spiritomb; Team Rocket Grunts: mainly Zubat, Koffing and Ekans; Team Galactic...
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    Happy birthday...

    Happy birthday to our #1 bacony mod, bacon. And, don't forget Alchemist_Almighty; his birthday is June 6th, too! Happy birthday guys! (This time I'll be giving out the herring >:[) Shawn out.
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    Hidden members and Online Lists?

    If a member of PokeBeach Forums is invisible (hidden), will that person be shown on the list that shows the members that were on today (and sometimes yesterday)? Shawn out.
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    Just an eccentric story that I decided to make in my spare time.

    Ahem. Far beyond what we humans would call normal, there's a realm that exists parallel to our own. This realm has not been discovered, so you're probably wonder why I'm able to explain it to you. This is a script I must follow, so please do not ask me. On Earth, humans are classified into...
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    Your biggest fear?

    Ok, this thread was once made before by darkrayquaza... I made another one because there are still some fears left unsaid. Express your fears. Well, one of the biggest fears I have at the moment is not the dark, not creepy crawlies, but something more complex... well, you know. I usually...
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    Happy birthday.

    ....Tomo. Have a good one.
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    Happy birthday Rickraptor77!

    There have been a lot of (notable) birthdays lately, and I wanna wish one of my old pals, Rickraptor77, a good one.
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    Happy anniversary Pokebeach Forums!

    Happy birthday as PB turns 1 year old. :D
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    Pokemon Look at this!

    Check out this video of a battle with Regigigas!
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    What's wrong with the avatar upload?!?!

    Every time I enter an avatar URL, I get this message: The URL you enterd for your avatar does not appear to be valid. Please ensure you enter a valid URL. What is wrong here? YES, I use a correct URL. YES, I have tried this a thousand times and got the same message. Anyone else having this...
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    Pokemon Check out this video!

    Check it out! I know you may have seen it before, but the ones that haven't, watch it, and post here!
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    CC's Faking Contest!

    Rules: 1. Automatic DQ if you copy another person's attack. 2. No joining after Round 1 is complete! 3. No D/P or fake Pokemon (Sorry) 4. Have fun! Rubric here... Attack: 25 HP: 15 Type: 15 Weakness/Resistance/RC: 15 Grammar: 10 Spelling: 10 Rating: 10 Total: 100 Round 1...
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    Make fakes here, just for fun!

    Post your fakes here - there's no limit to what you can do. You can do fakemon here too! Just post fakes here, no pressure in this like contests! Show your best fakes off here!!!
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    Can anyone with a good idea tell me?

    Ok, out of my almost 3 months here, I never had a good idea of what postcount++ is. Please, for my sake and everyone elses who doesn't know what postcount++ is, please tell me. Thanks! ~CC~
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    Wish WPM a happy birthday here!!! I know it's early, but what the heck?
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    Happy Birthday Charizard!!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARIZARD!!!! Wish our good Mod a happy birthday! :D
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    Rate the above person's user title.

    This game is where you rate the above person's user title. For those who don't know what a user title is, =_=. It is the space between your avatar and username. Like where mine says "Renaissance Of The Legendaries."