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  1. TheTPCProductionz

    Favourite Pokemon Sets?

    I was just wondering, what sets people love?. I think everyone has a favourite set, I would like to know what set people love from each generation ?. Some I have split, into sub catagories. If you can, answer just like I have. 1st Gen: Base Set 2nd Gen: Neo Genesis 3rd Gen: EX...
  2. TheTPCProductionz

    The Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

    So is anyone else excited for the release of this game, all the hype has been for Pokémon X and Y but this is also coming out soon. It is due for release on the 22nd of November. I am hoping to get the Collector's edition of the game from GAME. Where are you getting yours from ?, does...
  3. TheTPCProductionz

    Studio Ghibli

    So, since I haven't seen one of these threads made yet I thought we need one. I am increasingly becoming a massive Ghibli fan, I've seen Grave Of The Fireflies and Spirited Away so far, and I am mesmerised. They are truly works of art, I can't wait to see the rest. Films In Blue, I have seen...
  4. TheTPCProductionz

    My Chilli Con Carne Recipe (ThreeCourseSource)

    So, for years I have been a keen fanatic of spicy food. I had always liked the idea of Chilli, but didn't like beans, so this is my interpretation of Chilli Con Carne. Ingredients •4 Tbsp Hot Chilli Powder ( I use some Ghost Chilli Powder as well) •2 Tbsp Cayenne Pepper •1/2 Tsp Ground...
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    Upcoming Superhero Films

    So without further or do, here is the list. It will be updated as and when news arrive. Confirmed Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall (Jun 28) 2013 The Wolverine (Jul 26) 2013 Robocop Reboot (Aug 9) 2013 Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (Oct 4) 2013 Thor: The Dark World (Nov 8) 2013...
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    Man Of Steel Review and Discussion

    Discuss the movie "Man of Steel" What are your thoughts and feelings about the movie. My Review: For this review and more, check out my blog the link in in my signature. Let me know what you think of this review.
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    DVD & Blu Ray Collection Thread

    Post your DVD & Blu Ray collections here, discuss any new additions as well. I recently bought Silent Hill Steelbook American Gangster Steelbook Hulk 2 Disc Special Edition Iron Man Spiderman 3 Disc Special Edition X-Men 2 Definitive Edition Daredevil Definitive Edition Steelbook...
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    Anyone living in Gibraltar?

    I would like to know of anyone who has Lived, still lives or has visited Gibraltar. I used to live in Gibraltar as a child, through my dad being part of the Navy. They have recently been accepted into UEFA which means, they can play football in Europe. Which is great for the football teams...
  9. TheTPCProductionz

    Pokemon Team Plasma Box Delayed In The UK ?

    So, I was thinking of getting one of these, they have been out about 2 weeks I think in the US. They were due to come out the same day here, but then on Chaos Cards they kept changing it to Pre Order and changing the realise date. They then put this on their website. Release Date : Delayed by...
  10. TheTPCProductionz

    RSE/FRLG Pokemon FireRed Team Help

    Can anyone offer me any tips, usually I choose the same Pokémon in the game but I want some outside ideas. What shall my team be ?
  11. TheTPCProductionz

    Pokemon What would you give up your Pokemon collection for ?

    So I am curious to know, what your Pokemon collection means to you ?. Not a number or value, but in terms of sentimental or life ?. Would you give up your collection ?,It can be anything.
  12. TheTPCProductionz

    Comic Book Discussion & Collection Showcase

    So if there is one, then I am sorry but here is the Comic Book Discussion & Collection Showcase. I currently collect and have Superior Spiderman Issue's 1-6 Iron Man 1-8 Star Wars 3 Young Avengers 1-3 So what kind of comic books, do you guys and girls collect ?
  13. TheTPCProductionz

    Pokemon How popular is Pokemon (at least the TCG) in the UK ?

    I am just curious to find out how many people on here are from the UK, and how many play the TCG . I know of quite a few UK Pokefans on Youtube, but not seen many on here. Could you comment, like this please. Username: ThatPokemonCollector County: Hertfordshire Collect or Play: Collect
  14. TheTPCProductionz

    TPC's Trading: Have EX's, Full Arts's, Japanese Ultra's and Korean Ultra's

    So here is my return to trading on PokeBeach, I have only recently returned on here and I am trading now. Rules 1. I am willing to cyl, only if you provide a valid link 2. I don't mind seeing trade binders, on youtube or other video sites 3. I will trade outside UK, but not as much...
  15. TheTPCProductionz

    Square Enix Teases New Projects on Anniversary Website

    This was on Nintendo Life's website Nintendo Life yay! :D -Chariblaze It's been ten years since the merger Square Enix will be celebrating its 10th anniversary on 1st April and to celebrate the company has launched a new website dedicated to the milestone. The site is open right now and...
  16. TheTPCProductionz

    PSA Or Beckett ?

    Ok so I was thinking to myself which is better PSA or Beckett I have a beckett graded 10 cards but no PSA cards. I have spoken to a few people who believe 1 grading company is better. PSA is more known in TCG grading but Beckett is known for Sports Cards so who is better ?? My results will be...
  17. TheTPCProductionz

    Is This Trade Worth It Thread

    Well since most other forums have one of these I think it essential that we have one of these. Though if there is one already and active then link me to there. I have had many threads locked which isn't really needed to be perfectly honest. This however isn't spam if you have been given an...
  18. TheTPCProductionz

    Shadowless Base Set Blister Pack

    I have just acquired a shadowless base set blister pack sealed with the blastoise artwork what can I get for this ?
  19. TheTPCProductionz


    Guys I have 4 sealed Team Rocket booster packs want to open them shall I.
  20. TheTPCProductionz

    RSE/FRLG My Pokemon FireRed Challenge

    Ok guys thought I would start playing my old Fire Red again on my Gameboy Advance SP. I know I can use an emulator but its boring on the emulator. So it isn't a scramble challenge it's a bit different. I want to have a pokemon of these types Fire Water Electric Grass Flying...