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  1. psyblazer_ex

    Writing Fan fic. turning out to be good.

    ok my fic starts off in poketopia(pokemon costumes at the ready!) . the chracters will wear a costume while battling. Depending on how many battles yourcharacters has won (include in backstory) they can change their initial costumes but if there starting it has to be weak. pmme to say this and...
  2. psyblazer_ex

    DPPt/HGSS my player thread

    Offer on my pokemon.(if you cant get them on my wants) some are cheated cos of friends gameshark. Friend code on master code list. Have Jirachi(legit) Ho-oh(one legit one shiny but cheated) GroudonLugia deoxys mew(cheated) Ampharos lv100 Palkia lv100(japanese name) others also just ask...
  3. psyblazer_ex

    Pokemon RPG!

    Ok titles explains all BUT please make a Trainer Card showing the details.Make your personality with writing.
  4. psyblazer_ex

    My first RPH for a llllooonnnnggg time.

    Ok Tis is my newest RpG It is mainly set in Sinnoh. No Mewtwos, Arceus. The rest of te legendarys are fine this is the template
  5. psyblazer_ex

    is anyone into this?

    My little brother is into a site named 'Neopets' its all right but he is having trouble apparently he has a problem logging in he will login and it will send him to pet central but ignore his logging in. any help?
  6. psyblazer_ex

    Pokemon digital monsters in your pocket.

    does anyone think that certain digimon look like pokemon and vice versa? for instance, Seadramon-Gyarados Agumon-charmander that gnomey wood spirit thing from the 4th series(i used to like it)-shiftry there are others like mew and seaangelmon but i cant think of them.
  7. psyblazer_ex

    Holon Destiny.

    Ok this is a fan-fic I am deciding to make.It is set in holon but the middle and end will be in the island where all the delta sets(except delta species)take place in:Holon island,An Island where Delta Pokemon thrive. It has three sections:Crystal Frontier a mysterious place with lots of...
  8. psyblazer_ex

    Any one go to neo?

    does anyone here go to neopets?I do its great fun my username is psyblaze If youure interested drop me a neomail.
  9. psyblazer_ex


    Roughly based on the RP It's so small because The RP Is'nt Big yet.Have'nt done any yet. Holo Rares 1.Ryan's Manectric 2.Ryan's Charizard 3.Ryan's Sceptile 4.Ryan's Sandslash 5 Conway's Arcanine 6 Conway's Alakazam 7 Conway's Gyarados 8 Conway;s Steelix(Starmie and Swampert are Rares)...
  10. psyblazer_ex

    When Pokemon Attack!

    Ok I saw this on Serebii and liked it what you have to do is say what the NP is attacked by and they write their Me:NP is attacked by Igglypuff NP:I was....just eating my lunch when...It came out and used all manner of attacks on me.I woke up...*sob*It was there kicking...
  11. psyblazer_ex

    How do i do this?

    how do I put pics like trainer cards and that in my sig?anybody know?
  12. psyblazer_ex

    The rate how well known the above posteris game

    ok heres how you play someone will rate how well known I am then the next person will rate how well known they are(also you can predict what your rating is if you want)
  13. psyblazer_ex

    Promised Fan Fic.

    2 weeks ago i said i was making a fan-fic well here it is cant think of a name for it anyway here goes. CHAPTER 1 Tor could'nt sleep.He had been trying to get some sleep at 8:00pm and had not suceeded.He was way to excited unaware that only half an hour had passed since 8:00 pm he thought...
  14. psyblazer_ex

    Lets make a set.

    okay heres the deal I make a setlist.Some of us create cards from that list have fun :) more info needed?just ask me Key:* = card done 1.Clefable rare Holo [C] 2.NidoKing rare Holo [P] 3.Rapidash rare Holo [F] 4.NidoQueen rare Holo [P] 5.Absol [D] Rare Holo 6.Tyranitar d [?](you...
  15. psyblazer_ex

    Im back.

    would just like to tell everyone im back the main reason was im in a lot of RPs so i might as well tell you im back.I was back cos my computer stuffed up.
  16. psyblazer_ex

    Should I or should i not?

    I was thinking about making a Fan-Fic but then wondered If people would bother to read it so my question is am I good enough to write a Fani-Fic someone will read?
  17. psyblazer_ex

    Pokemon Game Ideas

    This is in Games because it is gameish well the point is to write a game idea down and then some extra stuff about it and then the next person adds on to it rates it and makes a new game idea. Pokemon Team Rocket Leader! You are an Admin Of Team Rocket the goal of the game is to steal...
  18. psyblazer_ex

    Psyblazers Sub team for Food Fight

    This is my sub team if you join you will not attack DarkRayquazas Team or calabjeaur.
  19. psyblazer_ex

    Kanto Quest.

    Kanto Quest is an RP.For all people new to the internet an RP is like a story well kinda someone creates a character they type what happens to the character the people participating an a RP choose what happenssome RPS have rules like no Legendary pokemon as well mine have this is not the first...
  20. psyblazer_ex

    Ultra super excellent spoiler Contest

    First round make a card that is a random pokemon I rate your cards out of 100 no one is kicked out until end of 2nd round 1st round:random card 2nd Round:psychic card 3rd round:Special energy 4th round:Trainer card 5th round:A EX pokemon 6th round:Random card. You will be graded like...