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    Finished The Chain Game (You-person-person-you)

    RE: the chain game thyplosion
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    Forum Game Yes or No

    Yes Do you like me?
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    I wanna be a mod too :D PS Why im only 24 level?
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    Emmmm, ummm... Why is he banned???
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    Forum game (A or B?)

    50 cent G-unit or D12
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    Forum game (A or B?)

    Hip Hop for shure! eminem or 50 cent
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    Avatar search

    Try now, i added you again. Dont have hamachi anymore...
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    Avatar search

    Jooooooooooooojjjjjj... Si že čul za private massage??? Sen zaj :) Ti me dodaj, neke jebe :(
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    Pokemon Whats inside a pokeball

    A pokemon...
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    Future Suggestion

    Why is The Suicidal banned???
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    Tuesday, 7/25, Starters or Fake Pokemon?

    The third one is a phampy with a mareep tail :)
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    Monday, 7/24, Clearer Korobooshi Pic

    It is something with volbeat/illusime, im shure!
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    Future Suggestion

    Emmm, hmmm... What are you talking?
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    The Rock all the way!
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    Monday, 7/24, Clearer Korobooshi Pic

    He look so cute, just like Volbeat and Illusume :)
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    Yeah, me.
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    Sunday, 7/22, ATM Rock Review, More Lucario Clips, Pokemon Showcase

    We cant discus ATM rock its something wrong and the girl in black is cute :)
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    Finished Rate the sig & avatar above you.

    A:5/10 S:7/10 nice picture... RUles are there to be broken!
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    Ruling A quick question, waiting for a quick answer!

    Ok, my strategy blow up :(