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  1. i love xd001

    Wi-Fi Trades i love xd001's My Player Thread

    Welcome to i love xd001's player thread! MY INFORMATION: My Friend Code: ? AIM/MSN/Yahoo/whatever: [email protected] Contact Time: when I'm online MY HAVES/WANTS POKEMON FOR TRADE==================== _____ _____ POKEMON I WANT======================= palkia...
  2. i love xd001

    Save the Seals!

    270,000 baby seals (the quota allowed by the Canadian government) are set to be killed for their fur. And not in a nice way. It's estimated nearly half of them are dragged over the ice before death and skinned alive. If you'd prefer these killings didn't take place, take a second to sign...
  3. i love xd001

    April Fools!

    This is a little late, but anyway, name any april fools jokes you pulled or fell for. I set all the alarms in our house for 4:10 and I hid them. My sister was running all around my house trying to find the alarms! I was laughing my head off! Luckly no one played any jokes on me.
  4. i love xd001

    Pokemon GBA Video

    How many people have a pokemon GBA video? I have the Johto Photo Finish/ Playing with Fire
  5. i love xd001

    Some Awesome Wii Videos

    Here are some fan videos of the wii: A rap video of how awesome the wii is A cool colection of Miis A wii being played on a ds lite...
  6. i love xd001

    Funny Card Makers

    In this game you need to make a funny/broken pokemon card! Fist person posts a card. Second person rates the above card for how funny it is and then posts a card. ect. Text or pics work. I'll start Salamance  (P)  14 hp Pokepower dance baby dance! During you're turn you're opponent...
  7. i love xd001

    Pokemon New pokemon CD

    I was on i-tunes when I noticed the song battle frontier! So now there is a new pokemon CD on i-tunes called Pokemon X - 10 years of pokemon. It has the songs: 1.Pokemon Theme 2.Pokerap 3.Pokemon World 4.2BA Master 5.Together forever 6.Double Trouble 7.Pokemon Johto 8.Pokerap GS...
  8. i love xd001

    Pokemon favorite D/P pokemon

    what is your guy's favorite new diamond and pearl pokemon? you can do two pokemon if you can't decide on one. Mine are rotomu and porygonZ.
  9. i love xd001

    the wrong answer game!

    In this game all you have to do is all you have to do is answer a question incorrectly and ask a question! It goes like this: person A who did the mona lisa? person B my cheese burger why do i like muffins? person C because you're purple how come some paper is white and other paper...
  10. i love xd001

    Pokemon Favorite Fake Pokemon

    What's your favorite fake pokemon? My favs are these guys: I love the kangaroo!!