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    Emmmm, ummm... Why is he banned???
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    Ruling A quick question, waiting for a quick answer!

    With dual ball or great ball or dunsprace SS can i get out a Mysterious fossil?
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    MSN problem.

    I can block people, but how do i delete them from my MSN?
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    Ruling Town Volunteers The problem: Must i take out from my discard pile only 5 basic Pokémon, 5 baby Pokémon, 5 basic energys. Or i can combine it, like 2 basicpkmn, 1 baby Pokémon and 2 evolution Pokémon?
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    Groundbreaker or Shadowquake

    What deck is better? What deck has better pokemon and trainers? Im gonna buy one of them, when will LM relase in Slovenia :P
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    WWE Smash Bros. Brawl No words...
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    Spyware and Virus, HELP!

    My pc is infected with spyware and viruses :( My pc is going to run slower!:( And now i need help! Do ya know any good Anti-virus or Anti-spyware software? If yes, where can i download it? HELP! Thanks in advanced.
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    Super Smash Bros. (normal version for N64)

    How can i unlock all the characters and seacret stages? Whats you fave character? Mine is Pikachu :D
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    Ruling Zape-turn-dos

    A deck list please... I realy like that decks strategy!
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    Shame problem...

    Guys i have a problem:(. Im 14 years old and i diddnt buyed a booster since DR. And now im shame me to buy a booster:(!!!! I dont know if this is the thread for this forum... How do ya guys make this? HELP ME!:( And dont laugh at me!
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    Avatar search

    On wich website can i find some cool pokemon avatars?
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    Ruling Dark flaaffy and Dark ampharos

    Dark flaaffys 1. attack thunder slash Dark flaaffy cant use this attack during your next turn How long do i must to wait to attack this attack again? 1 or 2 or 3 turns? Dark ampharos 2. attack Shock bolt Energy cost is 2 coroles and 1 lightening Discard all lighting energys attached to...
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    Ruling Switch and Gust of wind

    Do i must discard energys,when i play the trainer Switch or Gust of wind?
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    Ruling LBS

    Who is LBS? WHy are ya talking about LBS? What is LBS meaning?
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    Ruling Mysterious fossil

    Can i put mystertious fossil on my bench?
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    Ruling What is the difrent?

    What is the difrent with: Double coroles energy and Double rainbow energy?:(
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    Ruling Typhlosion ex, help!

    I have a question about Tyhphlosion ex from sandstorm. What does the second attack Split blast do?