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    Ruling Rainbow Energies providing Colorless?

    Do Rainbow, Multi, SP, Double Rainbow, Scramble, "d" Rainbow (and etc.) Energies provide Colorless Energies? I know they provide any type at a time and [C] is a type but I want clarification.
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    Luxray GL matchup

    If you want to test the Luxray matchup, would you play it against the Starmie and/or Quagsire GL version, or Infernape 4? Or even another version. I don't really want to make and play with all lists, just the version that will (probably) see the most play.
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    Mightyena or Toxicroak G?

    I got a BR this weekend, and I'm interested in playing one of these, with Skuntank G. But which one is better and/or more fun to play? My area doesn't play Mewtwo and maybe 1 Dialga in general (attacker or tech).
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    Ruling Rare Candying a Fossil.

    This occured at my Nationals Saturday. Someone Rare Candy'd a Mysterious Fossil into the new Omastar. The opponent called the Judge because he thought Mysterious Fossil was not part of the official evolution line. He/She called the Head-Judge because he/she didn't knew if it was allowed. The...
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    T2 Banette - Shuppet CG = dead?

    Chances that Crystal Guardians will be rotated are 100% (unless POP will do something really weird, which they won't), so Shuppet CG will be rotated out of the format. Now I see that ALOT of people are saying that T2 Banette will be dead without Shuppet CG to use Ascension T1. Yet, Houndoom...
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    Ruling Murkrow, Duskull and Clefairy question.

    Murkrow, Duskull and Clefairy have an item that let's them evolve on the moment they are played. If i start with them, can i evolve it on T1?
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    Ruling T1 Energy

    What Pokémon can get Energy on T1? I prefer attached.
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    Ruling Discarded trainers

    What cards can get Trainers from the Discard Pile?
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    Ruling Diamond and Pearl Rules. Old or New?

    USA Had the Pre-release already, and it's almost in the Store's (maybe already), Thus Playing with the New Rules. Dutch (and others, but i'm Dutch so..o) Not. Dutch Will have them around Worlds. Either way, Do we, Dutch, have to play with Diamond and Pearl Rules or can we Stick with the Old...
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    Ex Dragon18's Banner Shop

    Firstly, the Rules: 1) Read the Rules 2) i would be pleased if you still give Credit, even after i Marked 3) It's Marked if you like it or not, i'm not un mark it. 4) I'll play with it untill you are Satified. 5) i use card Pics, not else 6) Use it. 7) Never ask me if it could go...
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    Wi-Fi Trades Ex Dragon18's "My Player" Thread

    Welcome to Ex Dragon18's player thread! MY INFORMATION: My Friend Code: 2749 7680 7032 AIM: - Contact Time: We can Settle a Date sometimes. To Trade, Post here (Always allowed) MY HAVES/WANTS (M) = Male (F) = Female (G) = Genderless POKEMON FOR TRADE====================...
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    Japanese Players play with Japanese Cards?

    as Japanese players play FRLG-on (or atleast, will do). i might have interest in Japan =P. But on Worlds, people play English Cards. and as we have Japanese Cards, do Japanese people play with Japanese Cards or with English cards?
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    Ruling Aggron ML + Metal

    Aggron's Spoiler: Aggron L.49 – Steel – HP130 Stage 2 – Evolves from Lairon [C][C] Heap: 40 damage. Reveal all of the Energy cards in your discard pile to your opponent. If there are any Metal Special Energy cards in your discard pile, this attack does an additional 30 damage. Shuffle all...
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    Star Fox Assault

    Talk about Star Fox Assault. Discuss it or ask question's If you Unlock Wolf, can you be him in the 1 Player Mode?
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    Ruling Question about WP

    My Bench: Poliwirl (UF) My Active: Cloyster d (CG) Opp. Bench: 2 Gatr d's Opp. Active: Gatr d Let's say Feraligatr d uses Darg of at my Benched Poliwirl, My poliwirl would become Active and OHKO-ed. But if my Poliwirl has an {W} and an WP, would it ten Become active? now, lets say...
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    DP: Ranger's Sound. I would like some help.

    DP: Ranger's Sound [hr] Spoiler Makers: Ex Dragon18 MOT6K SM abaxter94 IPM Card Fakers: IPM sneasel Flygon ... ... Note: I might need more People, if so, i'lll change it. A Little rule for the Helpers: Use lvl's and resistance/Wekness from DP ohh, HP can be high. Just...
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    Pokemon Love Pokémon

    This might be a Very BAD Question, but is there a Pokémon That Resemble's 'Love'?
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    EX: Ancient Temple. (James LOOK. Absol IS Required.) Spoiler/Card/picture Makers Want

    Ex: Ancient Temple Note: No Delta Species. Just Original Poké's Note: Orange is Spoiler,blue is Done (Even Card) Holo: 30 Absol (Absol, Yew May Make this. LMK) Articuno Crecelia Dragonite Entei Fione Heatran Ho-oh Latias Latios Lugia Metagross Mikaruge Moltres...
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    Ruling Aerodactyl Ex + Cessation Crystal

    So, Aerodactyl Ex's Body discard all Tools and No Tools can be played. CC stops all Body and Powers. so lets say the opponent has CC attached to it. and i play Aerodactyl. Does CC Stop Dactyl Body, or does CC gets discarded?
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    PB Error

    Lately, today, i got some errors (See attachment). who got it too and whats is it? just an Error? Attachment of that Error