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    Ruling Surprise! Time Machine

    Since Compendium is down, I have a question. With Swoop!, can I remove Sealeo from Spheal, then use other part of effect to put Walrein ex on it like a rare candy?
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    Is this card broken or unbroken?

    [attachment=700] I made it hours back and I need to know if I made it TOO broken, broken, or average.
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    Presenting......Ninjask EX!

    [attachment=698]Here is my Ninjask ex. The background is white as I am still experimenting with Photoshop (it's my first day with fake cards). Either way, I give you Ninjask EX!
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    The set EX:Masters of the World is coming, I need more ideas!

    I'm under way on a set and I only have 5 cards. Note, these are pictures, not just words that explain them. I need at least 10 for the set!
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    Does anyone want a fake card?

    Ok here's the deal:send me a picture of a pokemon with any background (I'll let you know if I can't use the background). Tell me if you want it ex, Star, regular, holo, non-holo.It might take a while so be patient. Depending on number of people if should take anywhere from 30 mins-2 hours...
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    Pokemon cards (Reasonable that PUSA would make)

    Ok, please post actual fake cards that YOU made. Just for fun, as long they look decent it's ok. Don't post something like Imakuni's Doduo.
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    Ruling team regionals/worlds

    Do they have Regionals and Worlds for Teams of 2? If they do please tell me.
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    Ruling Chuck Norris?

    In my posts, I see people post , "well, I guess if ur metagame is like full Chuck Norris." What is the meaning of this term?
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    Blastoise art

    some nice Blastoise hydro pump action