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    Discussion Will Staples Like Shaymin-EX and VS Seeker Be Reprinted?

    Will we see Shaymin EX or VS Seeker or other "must have on deck" cards reprinted on future ? i mean buying them now knowing they will be off the game in some time kinda hurts cause they are expensive ( mainly talking about shaymin ex here )
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    Question Will Pokémon Sun / Moon be the Last on 3DS?

    I was thinking since nintendo is releasing nintendo switch , does that mean this were the last pokemon games we see on 3Ds / 2DS? I really hope not but then again.... share your thoughts !
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    In Search Of [PT] Current Metagame Cards from European Sellers

    I'm looking for this cards for good price : Shaymin EX ( RS ) Mewtwo EX ( BT ) - Damage change M-Mewtwo EX (BT ) - 30 damage + Ho-Oh EX ( BP ) Darkrai EX ( BP ) Fighting Belt ( BP ) VS Seeker ( not rare , not foil or reverse , just normal ) Professor Birch ( not rare , not foil or reverse...
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    Discussion Tips to counter Seismitoad EX / Giratina EX and Trevenant?

    Hi, i'm thinking about decks on Standard that can counter or make a good matchup against this locking and disruption decks.. Can someone help or have some kind of idea besides mirror ?
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    Help Training My Pokemon to Beasts

    so yeah , i'm one of the few guys that's trying to make Magikarp some kind of a beast so that can evolve to Gyarados and be useful ! but since i only have splash has attack <.< how can i make him turn a beast ? that and i want a manectric that is a beast too , some training / moves idea would...