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    Dark Propagation: Weavile/Exeggcute deck

    Wait, this is confusing so I will answer all of you in on post, so: Awesomeguy76, well they already told you what I was going to tell you lol Serperior: I agree with what you said, but I was thinking about not running Virbank because a lot of deck in my town are running them, so I could fit in...
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    Dark Propagation: Weavile/Exeggcute deck

    Well hello! So, when I first saw the Plasma Freeze scans and I realized that Exeggcute was one of the secret rares, I was like really confused, so I started searching for it and then I found this deck: Weavile/Exeggcute. I fell immediately for it! It's just so underground and overwhelming, I...
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    Keldeo Blastoise help!

    Hi guys! How r u all doing? Well, I'm building this Blastdeo deck, but I'm not too sure it works, here's the list: 4-0-3 Blastoise 2 Keldeo EX 1 Mewtwo EX 1 Keldeo (Hydro Pump) 4 N 4 P. Juniper 2 Colress 1 Cilan 1 Scramble Switch 4 P. Catcher 4 Super Scoop Up 4 Energy Retrieval...
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    Darkrai/Zoroark (re edited)

    RE: Darkrai/Zoroark -1 Random Reciever -2 Level Ball +3 DCE It will increase your speed when you use Zoroark :D
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    I have also thinked about Flygon Raticate, but I think Raticate it's just too slow to set up.
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    Thanks Tuxedo¡ Il'l post my new list now.
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    and yet another ho-oh ex deck

    Ok, Spiritomb, you're twisting every word that every person is writting. YOU NEED MORE SUPPORTES, THERE IS NO DECK THAT RUNS LESS THAN 8 SUPPORTERS, DON'T YOU GET IT? It's common sense man, please, stop being so close-minded, gosh...
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    Ok, let's see. You're ALL telling me that I should play this but without attacking? I don't think Sableye as a good idea, but I'll try it. :D [hr] I don't think you get the idea. You don't attack with Flygon, you attack with Vibrava, that's why Celebi is in here...
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    Hello guys, so today I came up with a deck that really impressed me: Flygon Dusknoir. Bassicaly the idea is to use Flygon's Ability combined with Dusknoir's and get exact KO's on any Pokemon, and use Celebi EX's Ability to attack with Vibrava to make the spread more efficient. So here's my...
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    Keldeo Blastoise for Regionals

    SSU is because if Keldeo is really damaged, you scoop it, bring up a Pokemon, bench it, attach all energy again, Rush In, and start attacking again
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    Keldeo Blastoise for Regionals

    Hello guys, here's my Keldeo Blastoise deck I'm using, need some help, so here's the list: Pokemon: 13 3 Keldeo EX 4-1-3 Blastoise 2 Mewtwo EX Trainers: Items: 21 4 Pokemon Catcher 4 Super Scoop Up 3 Rare Candy 2 Heavy Ball 3 Energy Retrieval...
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    Darkrai EX Dusknoir?

    Mew EX is no needed, also, you need mor search power to get Dusknoir in play ASAP. -1 Mew EX -2 Level Ball -1 Dark Claw (2 is enough) -1 Tool Scrapper (run 2-3 or nothing) +3 Heavy Ball (searches Dusknoir and Terrakion) +2 Energy Switch (for surprise Retaliate) Hope I helped you :D
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    Help with keldeo/blast for cities

    Good list¡ It's really good, but I would make some changes: -2 Level Ball (not necessary) -2 Cilan (consume your Supporter for the turn) -1 Kyurem (very bad attacker for too many energy) -1 Rare Candy (3 is enough) +2 Heavy Ball (fast search for Blastoise, doesn't discard anything) +1 Skyla (I...
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    Going Rogue: Cresselia / Gardevoir

    Thanks ashtavakra :D I'll test it right now :) [hr] Ok, I already tested it. I really think that Cresselia is better in this than Mewtwo. I got 5-1 with Cresselia, in which 2 of the decks where Accelgor/Empoleon. So I made some changes: -3 Exp. Share -4 Potion -2 Skyarrow Bridge +3 Energy...
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    Hey Mora ¡ Can you please check my Cresselia Gardevoir deck? No one comments it XD

    Hey Mora ¡ Can you please check my Cresselia Gardevoir deck? No one comments it XD
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    Going Rogue: Cresselia / Gardevoir

    Hi guys, I am here to post my new deck. When I first saw the scans from Boundaries Crossed and saw Cresselia, I wanted to make a deck for it, so here it is: Pokemon: 15 2 Emolga (Call for Family) 3 Cresselia EX 2 Mewtwo EX 3 Ralts 1 Kirlia 3 Gardevoir 1 Ditto Trainers:34 Items: 21 3 Rare...
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    Ditto is used to evolve in the first turn? Or just to have more Charmander?
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    Raticate & Amoongus

    It still works, because Raticate's attack doesn't inflict damage, it puts damage counters on the Defending Pokemon, which aren't the same
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    I dont see the point of Darkrai here.
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    Rayeels with Terrakion

    Hello guys, here is my Rayeels list that I'm using for Regionals, hope you help me :D Pokemon: 14 3 Rayquaza EX 1 Rayquaza DRX 4 Tynamo (Thunder Wave) 4 Eelektrik 1 Terrakion 1 Zekrom Trainer: 18 4 Level Ball 4 Ultra Ball 4 Switch 4 Pokemon Catcher 1 Super Rod 1 Tool Scrapper Supporter: 10 4...