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  1. ashinto

    Writing Unova Panic!! (A Black and White Fanfic)

    Hello everyone. This is going to be a fanfic using the Unova storyline with a little twist. I really hope you guys like it! Chapter 1 - Prologue The sun was starting to rise on a cold, rainy March day. A cool breeze blew through the open window of a teen boy’s room, the result of the...
  2. ashinto

    Papa Bear (Ursurang Prime/Exeguttor/Slowking)

    3 Smeargle 2-2 slowking 3-2 Exeguttor 3-3 ursurang prime 2 uxie 1 azelf 2 unown q 1 unown p 1 regice total: 25 pokemon T/S/S 4 collector 2 bebe's 2 communications 3 lookers 2 expert belts 1 luxury ball 3 BTS 4 Pokedrawers 2 Night Teleporters/Junk Arms Total: 24 Energy...
  3. ashinto

    MLB Season Thread

    Surprisingly there wasn't an MLB thread here, so I'm making one. This is a DISCUSSION thread where we can arguetalk about what's happening duirng spring training/regular season along with some rumors. Not a place where you can troll-brag your fave team and flame others. Now, let me start...
  4. ashinto


    My brother wants to buy some cards for his deck off of Stop2Shop. He told my dad that the prices were really good, and my dad brought up the point that it may be "to good to be true" that the cards possibly are fake. Does anyone here buy cards at Stop2Shop?? If anyone does, how are the cards?
  5. ashinto

    Writing The Hoenn Saga

    This is a story that I've been working on for about a month, it mulling around in my brain, and I finally got the first chapter out on paper (sort of...) It is loosely based upon the Hoenn Saga of the Pokemon Manga Special, and will go from Ruby (Landon in our story) coming to Hoenn to the...
  6. ashinto

    Writing Pokemon Naranja: Through the Eyes of a Thief

    Hello Pokebeach. For those of you who know of my writing on Pokegym, I was just informed that I have a day long ban for using suggestive themes and inproper language. Now, not to start hating on Pokegym, but I wouldn't say that the word 'hell' is inproper and fighting is a suggestive theme...