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    Collecting The English Booster Box "Pull Rates" Thread

    If you're after specific cards, buying them individually is cheaper. If you just want to open packs, then go for a sealed box. It's not always 2 FAs, could be more or less. Or none at all.
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    Fairy-Type Representation in the TCG

    RE: Fairy-type pokemon to have energy symbol in XY. Doesn't mean it's new energy, just that its a new type. Dragon types don't have their own energy. I'm pretty sure it's so you can have Fairy types be super effective against dragons or resistant or whatever. Fairies will use other energy...
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    Graded Card Problems

    Reminds me of when I tried to sell my NM-M Zapdos card back in the day. I was at a retailer called GameTraders, they bought/sold Pokemon cards as well as other TCGs, board games and video games. I brought my folder with me, took the card out of the sleeve and handed it over. The guy takes it...
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    (1) Modified Format Officially Next Destinies-On, New B/W-On Format Coming in 2014-2015 [7/16]

    Yeah that's what I was thinking. But as the card pool increases, I'd say the older EX's would become less relevant and hopefully their prices will fall. Maybe more counters will appear, or maybe power creep will show its ugly face. You wouldn't play cards from Base Set vs cards from Black and...
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    (1) Modified Format Officially Next Destinies-On, New B/W-On Format Coming in 2014-2015 [7/16]

    What will this do to card values? As a collector I was looking forward to completing Next Destinies - Boundaries Crossed without spending too much money next year. I'm guessing it won't be as drastic as Primes (going from $20-50 to $2-8), but it'll still drop due to being illegal in Modified...
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    Where to buy in USA?

    RE: Buying Individual Packs Online Isn't that if those 15 packs were from one shop? These are 3 different instances of 5 packs each. If we assume that the ratio is 1/3 packs, there are 24 packs in each box that has nothing. If the unfortunate poster took 5 random packs out of mostly full...
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    Plasma Blast - what we'll get that Megalo Cannon didn't

    It was announced in the Elite Trainer Box for Plasma Blast that the Plasma Blast set will have over 100 cards.
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    TCG Complaint Thread

    First of all let me state that scaling is immoral and I do not weigh packs at the store. I used to weigh packs from booster boxes I bought, pull the ultra rares but try to keep some of the regular holos in the packs and put them in lots of 4-5 with 1-2 heavy boosters and sell them. I realized...
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    TPCi and their Pull Rates

    I noticed some football cards in the post office the other day had the statement of Super Rare cards in every x packs, and was surprised I never saw it on Pokemon. But it seems on average to be 1/3 for a holo, but more like 1/9 for ultra rares. I know a guy who opened 3 sealed cases and 2...
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    TPCi and their Pull Rates

    Yeah I've had many cards damaged out of the booster pack for Plasma Freeze. The damage is a slight crease in the top left corner. Usually with reverse holographics and some rare and uncommon cards.
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    TPCi and their Pull Rates

    They can double dip as well. Make super duper awesome Ultra Rares like Thundurus and Deoxys, make the rates random as hell to drive the prices up. Then a few months later put them in tins and tank the price but while scraping in the cash from tin sales.
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    TPCi and their Pull Rates

    Here's the YouTube series: Here's one where he pulls them directly: That's part two. I think it takes him 2-3 boxes to establish the pattern, and for the rest of the boxes in the case he just pulls the ultra...
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    TPCi and their Pull Rates

    There are set rates for a sealed case. So while one box out 6 may be terrible, another box from the same sealed case will be amazing. From this post: There's: 11 EX 9 FA 1 SR 7 Ace Spec Total: 28 URs From this...