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    Sunday, 6/18, New Furthest Ends Info (Spoilers), New Articles

    OMG! The new Gardevoir ex is omega shutdown against Dustox. Stops Safeguard with its power, and OHKO's it for 3 energies! Well,Omega shut down against any safeguard pokemon.
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    Saturday, 6/17, New Game Mechanics in Furthest Ends

    Chances are, T-Tar has a GLARING weakness, like Grass and Fighting. What if another ATM Rock type card is released, but it affects your OWN Pokemon. Then they candy back into like Poliwrath UF for an OHKO on T-Tar. Other than that, sounds like a decent card. 8.5/10. Good, almost Great, but not...
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    Did you save the deck when you created it? Try the viewing deck thingy link.
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    What's your favorite Ex card series?

    (-.-) Mwahahahaha, I'm going to Prerelease and buying a box. There's at least 30% chance of getting. Though I might not afford box cuz I reserved a copy of Gears of War (go me!).
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    What's your favorite Ex card series?

    I know these things....
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    What's your favorite Ex card series?

    EX: Legend Maker and CRystal Guardians. I love my Walreins, Banette's, and soon to have Aggron!
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    Your first card

    Ok, everyone's not gonna believe me but, I got the lucky UF box at Toys-R-US. I bought the lucky 6 packs, mind you this is after like 4 years of quiting Pokemon and I don't remember my first card. All I remember was wetting myself with joy when I got Espeon ex, Scizor ex, and Raikou *!
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    What's your rarest card?

    I literally have 4 Dark Gyarados Prerelease, some Japanese Raikou Promo (dunno if promo or not, gotta check), and Banette and Walrein ex's.
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    Ruling Surprise! Time Machine

    Ya Surprise, Thanks for info. :)
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    Ruling Surprise! Time Machine

    Since Compendium is down, I have a question. With Swoop!, can I remove Sealeo from Spheal, then use other part of effect to put Walrein ex on it like a rare candy?
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    Is this card broken or unbroken?

    I can't make him fire, my CPU can't do the Fire Energy Symbol.
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    Is this card broken or unbroken?

    [attachment=700] I made it hours back and I need to know if I made it TOO broken, broken, or average.
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    Presenting......Ninjask EX!

    No basics, *Lugia ex, Rayquaza ex/*, Latias *, MEw and Mew.Need I go on?
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    Presenting......Ninjask EX!

    Well......Ninjask DX's Body let's it get protection for basics. Seeing as it's ex, just thought it was fair. I balanced it out with low HP and a not so great attack. Unless you use him with Gatr ex not that great of an attack.
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    Faking tutorial

    Figured it out, it works great!
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    Presenting......Ninjask EX!

    [attachment=698]Here is my Ninjask ex. The background is white as I am still experimenting with Photoshop (it's my first day with fake cards). Either way, I give you Ninjask EX!
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    Will Make Custom Signatures

    Hey can I have a banner, 1.Tyranitar 2.Banette 3.Walrein 4.Aggron 5.Salamence 6.Steelix
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    The set EX:Masters of the World is coming, I need more ideas!

    I'm under way on a set and I only have 5 cards. Note, these are pictures, not just words that explain them. I need at least 10 for the set!
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    Does anyone want a fake card?

    For all you viewers, give it a go, it won't be THAT bad.