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  1. Martshmallow

    Wi-Fi Trades Lycanroc

    Hi, I'm looking for a Dusk form Lycanroc, in english, preferably, for SW/SH. I can't get one via the GTS without giving up a Regieleki or Regidrago, and can't request one because I always get the Day and Night forms. If anyone is interested in helping out, I'm willing to trade hundreds of...
  2. Martshmallow

    Discussion Collecting PTCG Round 2 - help me understand modern cards

    That's an interesting post on the PTCG. I also began way back then but I was 6-7. Getting new packs to open up and occasionally boxes/tins was the best experience, with a decent chance of getting a rare or ultra rare card, as you mentioned. I don't play the TCG, but I collect them...
  3. Martshmallow

    Art Gallery TFDGaming's Fusion Sprites

    I remember making dozens of those in my childhood, as well as 'Fakemon sprites'. It's very amusing to be honest... hah, I made those today, anyway. I like to think I make it work while still using enough of each Pokemon to know which ones I used. The first one has 2 Pokemon, the 2nd has 3. Have...
  4. Martshmallow

    Trades [CANADA] Martshmallow's Trade Thread

    I have 3 cards I want to trade. Blissey - Mysterious Treasures (#5) - Reverse Holo Dragonite - Dragon Vault (#5) - Holo Druddigon - Plasma Storm (#94) - Reverse Holo I do not necessarily want to trade for the specific money value. It only needs to be a card or a few cards I am willing to...