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    Friday, 2/9, POP 5 News, Lucario a Finalist at American Anime Awards!

    No league leader has these yet as they come in another month or so to them.
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    Want to Become a Strategist?

    More credentials. I won my PK prerelease today in Chicago in which I went 4-0 winning overall and age division first places and playing my 3rd and 4th games against Masters Division undefeated players. I believe I am on a 10 game winning streak in Prereleases and have won 3 out of the last...
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    Want to Become a Strategist?

    Um hello, I'm  Poliwag. THE Poliwag from Pokegym. I got busy last time around, but I have been working on creating space for this job for a few weeks now. Um ok some numbers, I've been in 4 cc's making top 2 in 2 of them(winning one) and top 4 in another. MY Overall record including top...
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    Friday & Saturday, 8/11 - 8/12, EX Crystal Guardians Set List, Scans, Info

    Ai! Shiftry ex isnt there but the blue link is.
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    recieved DANAI thanks
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    Tuesday again, 7/25, Errata and Wal-Mart

    no walfart in illinois but there on every fricking block of course i've been to all the walfarts in wisconsin and there 300 miles from me. oh well
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    G4-the video game channel

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    Ruling Are Calculators Allowed?

    Yeah you dont need a graphimg calculator to play pokemon its not Yu-ge-o
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    Ipod VS Zen~Debate!

    Ipod nano over Zen. slimmer.
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    Finished The Chain Game (You-person-person-you)

    RE: the chain game unown
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    Brazil, England out of World Cup

    I h8 Portugal they screwed the dutch and the british. * Gets ready for a loyal Portugal fan who says they deserved to win because Portugal obviosly played better and they did not act like cry babies when they got touched and rolled 20 times on the ground to get a free kick*
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    Who will get into the Final ???

    Italy and france will be in the final. I'm predicting Italy wins 1-1 5-3 in PK's
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    things not to do with pokemon

    Don't milk a skitty
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    Forum game (A or B?)

    Shrek 2 cats or dogs
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    The Quote Game!

    RE:   The Quote Game!
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    Friday, Site Suggestions

    He lied.... AGAIN about the update
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    Will Bill Return?

    Computer Search!
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    Saturday, 4/8, POP 3 Set List and Scans, Mew/Lucario Binder

    considering most of us got 2 packs with all commons you'll have to wait until the league release to see a complete scan list.
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    Saturday, 4/8, POP 3 Set List and Scans, Mew/Lucario Binder

    RE:  Saturday, 4/8, POP 3 Set List and Scans, Mew/Lucario Binder nathan- email him the scans.
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    Saturday, 4/8, POP 3 Set List and Scans, Mew/Lucario Binder

    RE: Saturday, 4/8, POP 3 Set List, Mew/Lucario Binder Pichu Bros. is a group of Pichus in a picture. Its attack is like 20+ something.