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  1. Kontoleon

    Ruling VSTAR Power And GX Attack

    Gx attack is technically deference from VSTAR POWER. But at very least on Ptcgo we still have one botton now (change from gx and now write vstar The question is. We can use them both? (expanded format or unlimited) and if yes even in the same turn?
  2. Kontoleon

    Expanded Sylveon v Max

    I know that typical need number of cards but I thing really not need in this deck a lot Pokémon 23 4 Sylveon v 4 Sylveon v Max 2 hoopa ex (scoundrel ring) 2 dragonite ex (pull up) 2 juraji ex (stealer guidance) 2 volcanion ex (double type) 2 joltic 2 galvantula (double type) 1 fighting type ex...
  3. Kontoleon

    Standard Single strike tyranitar v

    OK I am terrible on writing decks I do my best Pokémons 16 4 tyranitar v(single strike) 4hoondoor 4 hoonboom(single strike) 2 empoar(single strike) 1 dedenee gx 1crobat v Trainers 36 4 tower of darkness 4 vitality jar 2 mustard single strike stance 4 professor research 2marnie 2Cynthia 4 boss's...
  4. Kontoleon

    Fun The Max possible Damage in theory with one Attack was Infinity?

    Is just an ask (i am not sure) but i am explain now what i mean (Expanted) We have Iris(blasma Blust 81) does 10 extra Damage from each price card opponent have taken We have Time Control (Polka&Diolga Legentary) ( Discard all Metal Energy Add 2 cards from opponent top deck to his or her price...
  5. Kontoleon

    General Deck Ideas With Hustle Band

    Ok i cannot said all the cards just because i don't know the full deck list(after rotation) but i write some very general ideas. Torchic (50HP) with ability to attack twice. (with victini) The goal is with Team Maga secret Base or with Frosen city to hit Torchic to 30 Hp. With Hustle band...
  6. Kontoleon

    Standard Mill Deck Idea. (Bunnelby/Absol S&M)

    Ok is no full list here, but i had this idea monts ago, but really now i see the space to put it. The rotation is soon now :( the idea behing this is to hope that the opponent not have great start. Bunnely said that you can discard 2 top deck from opponents. ABSOL mail raison thing is to see...
  7. Kontoleon

    Standard Lunantis deck (i hope that is Good)

    1 Saymin Ex 4 Fomantis 3Lurantis Gx 4Lurantis Pokemon 12. 2 Revigalizer 4 Forest of Giant Plants 2 Deevolution spray 2 Full heal 4 Great ball 2 level ball 1 Time ball 4 Sycemor 3 N 2 Laysander 1 Pokemon Center Lady 4 Vs seeker 2 Choice Band 3 Taineres mail 1 proffessor later Trainer 37 9 energy...