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  1. Theo

    News New (But Unknown) Pikachu and Mimikyu Promos!

    Do you think these will be available in the UK some time soon?
  2. Theo

    News Pokemon GO Water Festival Starts Today!

    Isn't it wonderful when you have an iPhone 4S which can't run Pokemon Go without crashing?
  3. Theo

    News Japan's SM3+ Set: 'Shining Legends!'

    Oh my goodness, mew is great on its own, but shiny and a GX? That's gonna be awesome!
  4. Theo

    News Summer 2017 'Island Guardians' Tins!

    Might as well make a Tapu Bulu deck, seems pretty consistent especially without any weakness.
  5. Theo

    News New 'Espeon-GX / Umbreon-GX Premium Collections' in July!

    Is this going to significantly decrease the price of these two cards? Especially the Umbreon which actually has some play-ability.
  6. Theo

    News 'Islands Waiting for You' and 'Moonlight of Alola': Japan's Next Sun and Moon TCG Set!

    Man I'm so hyped for this set! The Alolan ninetales is bae.
  7. Theo