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    BW/BW2 The fate of VGC of 2011

    BW will likely be released sometime between mid March to late May, and VGC qualifiers for Nationals have been held around May for the US. (And I think European countries as well. The close release of a new generation and the VGC qualifiers raises many questions for what will happen with the VGC...
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    BW/BW2 Fifth gen stat evaluation (Updating with 'Dream World' Abilities + moves)

    This is how I feel the fifth gen is looking just looking at stats. Note 1: I am ignoring all abilities that are unknown Note 2: I am not including the Dream World abilities at this time (I am working on it though and some already have them) EDIT 1: I have now added my evaluations of all the...
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    Pokemon What do people in Pokemon eat?

    I've always wonder what do the citizens of the pokemon world eat other than rice based products. What kind of things do you think they eat? What are the vegetables, meats, poultry, etc. For instance Miltank Pork chops or Parasect mushrooms? You get the point.
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    Video Game Showdown

    When the tourneys roll around would we put threads talking about how it went in Organized Play, since POP runs it, or somewhere else?
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    Ruling Undevelop

    The new power for Jolteon, Flareon, and Vaporeon says you may devolve Eevee. My question is can you evolve eevee in the same turn you Undevelop since Eevee is technically a new pokemon?
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    Who has one? What are your opinions on it? I got one this morning with my friend. I really like it, and it has a nice set-up, for instance the power button is inside, you press it to reset, the "L" and "R" buttons work better now, and if you buy it before November you get 1000 free points...
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    Palkia G lv X

    When I first saw this card I thought "People are going to be playing this a lot," but now I don't see any one even so much as considering it in their decks. My personal feel is that if used right you'll have no draw back, and your opponent may suffer greatly from it.
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    What is it with Dusknoir?

    Why is Dusknoir so great I played a version of it recently and obliterated it. Also I have many complaints about it, and here they are. -The attacks do low damage unless you put Dusknoir at risk with a lot of damage -The fact that there are so many stadiums right now weaken its power to a...
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    Wi-Fi Trades MTSOA's my player thread

    MTSOA Pearl FC: 021580764981 Haves (only pokemon that are considered rare are in here if you want something not listed PM me, and I'll tell you if I have, or can get it easily) Breedable All Kanto starters Chansey Cyndaquil Totodile Aipom Corsola Larvitar All...
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    TFG Forums

    I think that if WPM decides to cover the TFG then we should probably have a forum for people to discuss teams, strategies, ect. Along with a sub-forum for trading Figures.
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    Wi-Fi Trades Mew the Source of All's "My player" thread

    Japanese Friend Code:4081-1893-1009 English Friend Code: 0344-5758-0926 AIM: _____ Contact Time: Sun,Mon, Wed, Trus: 4:00P.M.-9:30P.M. Sat: 12:00P.M-12:00AM, Tues:NO, Fri:9:00P.M.-12:00A.M. (Sat and Fri. may be longer) (Arizona U.S.A. time) I didn't cheat for any of these pokemon...
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    Elemental Vortex

    This is incomplete an big and please share all ideas. (Note:This is only the original 151 pokemon and is part of a 4 part set.) (Note2:I will be posting Holo then Rares the day after, then Uncommon after, and so on.) Please PM me if you know how to hyperlink stuff to a different area and you...
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    Ex Kanto

    I am creating a set of cards featuring all original 151 pokemon and I have not decided the exact amount of cards. Here's the cards I have made so far and all new ones are in Bold Tell me what you guys and girls think Aerodactyl 100 HP [C] Evolves from Mysterious Fossil...
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    Pokemon Closest thing to Mew

    What do you guys (or girls) think the closest thing to Mew is and Mewtwo doesn't count since it's a clone I say Eevee because it evolves into so many types of pokemon
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    Pokemon New gym leader and Elite Four of D/P

    Ok what do you think the new Gym leaders pokemon will be ie.Gym Leaders 1: Bug 2: Water 3: Rock 4: Ground 5: Psychic 6: Electric 7: Grass 8: Dark Elite Four 1: Ghost 2: Fire 3: Dragon(Face it, it will be in the Elite Four forever) 4: Metal Champ: Like FR,LG,R,B,Y mulitple types...
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    Pokemon japanesse D/P on american DS

    Will the japanesse versions of D/P be able to be played on the american DS cause I might get one
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    Ex Ying and Yang

    This is a new set I made Ex Ying Yang Y=Guardian D=Demon Ruin mark= This marker can’t be removed in any way and the pokemon this counter is on can’t use any attacks on this pokemon that have “Final” in it’s name Ariados Y 90 HP [G/E] Evolves from Spinarak...
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    Ruling Pokemon lines that have no final form

    OK why do they end pokemon lines like for instace there was a Totdile, Cyndiquil, and Chikorita but no Bayleef, Croconaw,etc. does anyone know why
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    EX Invisible Demons

    Finally It' done EX invisible demons Y= guardian D=Demon *=Ancient energy H=Holo R=Rare U=Uncommon C=common SR=Super Rare SSR=Star Rare Aerodactyl D 90 HP [F] Evolves from Mysterious fossil [F][C]Ancientpower 40 Next turn Energy Bite does 30 more damage...
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    Double Rainbow pokemon

    Discuss which Double Rainbow Pokemon Do you like best like I like Stage 1 and 2 since if you get it in a mal hand you don't have to play it down get it