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  1. bagoly14

    Gem Mint ex Series + PSA 10 + Rare binders

    Hello everyone, I am looking for the following cards right now: Japanese Vivillon Elegant Pattern from X Collection 008/060 - GEM MINT (flawless) English Ruby Sapphire - GEM MINT NECESSARY 96/109 Chansey ex x 3 97/109 Electabuzz ex x 3 98/109 Hitmonchan ex x 3 99/109 Lapras ex x 3 100/109...
  2. bagoly14

    VANCOUVER, CANADA: Buying Bulk at Worlds

    Hi everyone, I will be buying bulk at worlds. I need commons, uncommons, rares in nearmint/mint condition (not played, no edge wear or creases/dings). No trainers or energies. Reverse holos are ok. All cards must be english. I will be paying 1.5 cents per card on the spot in cash. Please...
  3. bagoly14

    Jumbo Cards

    I was just curious, what are the top 3 rarest jumbo cards? I am pretty inexperienced in term of rarity but I was thinking...Captain Pikachu, Tropical Present, and New Year Present? I'm sure Daelum is gonna jump in here and show me what's what :cool:
  4. bagoly14

    H - Traded out atm, update again in mid march - W: N/A

    I am located in Canada. 1) No rippers. 2) Condition matters to me. A LOT. Please see my grading scale. 3) No Championship cards or fakes. 4) I will ship played cards back to back in a sleeve and then in a toploader for now unless requested otherwise. 5) I will try to respond as soon as...
  5. bagoly14

    AmiAmi Discussion

    Hello everyone, Just a quick question. I recently got some stuff from AmiAmi and it smelled rather...odd. I figured it's just the packaging, but even when I opened my spiral force booster packs the odor was still at large. The best way to describe it smells like blood. Like dry...
  6. bagoly14

    Ruling Dark energy requirements

    Hi, So regarding darkrai's ability (DEX) and hydreigon's ability (DRX) prism and blend count as dark energy? Can you retreat and move them around? I was unsure as the cards state they provide {C} energy. Some people run dark energy in gothitelle/accelgor because of this, i have seen some...
  7. bagoly14

    Ruling First Turn Attacks

    NOTE: I mean first turn if you win the coin toss and go first. So the first first turn. I edited this post SS you interpreted it as if you went second - and for some reason I can't post replies... Noob question, but can you use attacks on the first turn if they do not damage the enemy? For...