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  1. TheStrictNein

    Alt. Format XY-On: Finishing off this Golurk Deck (Golurk / Eeveelutions)

    So I've got the core of my Golurk deck, but no matter what I do I just can't get it more consistent with the card spaces I have remaining. I've tried everything from Vespiquen to Yvetal. Any suggestions on how to finish off this deck and make it function more consistently? Pokémon: 18 2...
  2. TheStrictNein

    PokéBeach no longer hosting their own scans?

    So, I go to check which Cobalion card a user is talking about. So I go to TCG in the top bar to use the search function there. That's when I notice that that search function has been removed, and that the layout has been changed. I go to click on the set list, and it links me to the official...
  3. TheStrictNein

    P!P/Rules Is TPCi Phasing Out Burn Status Condition?

    So I'm looking at the XY-on rotation, and it hits me. Not a single XY series card inflicts Burn. As of the rotation, all cards that inflict burn status are no longer in the rotation. Do you think TPCi is phasing out burn as a status condition in the TCG? Obviously, with old cards that do...
  4. TheStrictNein

    P!P/Rules Houston Regional to be Expanded for Swiss and Top Cut - No Standard play at main event So yeah. Just when you thought Darkrai-EX was dead. This format will be 100% decided on Meta Calls. With 22 main sets by the time of the next Worlds, it will be impossible to build a deck that has...
  5. TheStrictNein

    Discussion Canadian Nationals Stream?

    My understanding was that Canadian Nats were this weekend (may be wrong). Are there any streams for it?
  6. TheStrictNein

    Legendary Holo Collection scans?

    Unless I'm missing something, why do we not have complete Hol collection scans yet? My understanding was they were releasing same day in Japan
  7. TheStrictNein

    Good Deck Building Guides that Cover the Whys of Deck Building

    Something I just don't have a ground on in this game is the why of deck building. Why you run certain cards or amounts of cards. Why I'd run 8 energy over 7, for example. If a player asked me "Would you run 2-2-2 or 3-2-3 in this deck?" I wouldn't have the foggiest clue why. I don't get the...
  8. TheStrictNein

    Discussion How Do You Build a Deck Without LTC?

    I barely knew how to construct decks when decking out wasn't so much of an issue. Now I have literally no idea how to put 60 cards together. How do you build a modern deck without LTC? Do you even continue to use certain cards? Do you start running 20 energy? How does it work? I'm a Professor...
  9. TheStrictNein

    Where do You Get Your Japanese Sleeves From?

    So I've recently fallen in love with the Official Japanese Pokemon Sleeves. I have the Pokemon Center 2015 M Gallade sleeves, and I've got a set of 60 Hawlucha Comic Book style sleeves coming soon. Just wondering if anyone had any advice about where to buy them from. Seems like unless I...
  10. TheStrictNein

    Standard Wobbly Volcano (Primal Groudon EX / Wobbuffet)

    Pokemon (10): 3 - 3 Primal Groudon EX 4 Wobbuffet FFI Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums (37): 2 Korrina 2 Lysandre 1 Lysandre's Trump Card 1 N 4 Professor Sycamore 3 Battle Compressor 4 Mega Turbo 3 Robo Substitute 2 Switch 1 Scramble Switch 2 Ultra Ball 3 VS Seeker 4 Scorched Earth 2 Fighting...
  11. TheStrictNein

    Pokebeach being DDoS'ed?

    I'm getting 502 errors every 5 or so minutes at the moment. Just wondering what, if anything, was happening
  12. TheStrictNein

    Trades [UK-UK] [H] Seismitoad EX, FA Teammates & More [W] Secret Rares BRC-LTR

    Rules: 1) I am only looking for cards of NM-M quality. 2) All of my cards are as fresh from a booster as possible, unless noted otherwise 3) Due to postage costs I'll only be shipping to the UK. All trades will be shipped in Bubble Envelopes in Sleeves and Toploaders, First Class Royal Mail...
  13. TheStrictNein

    Standard Turbo Primal Groudon (Primal Groudon EX / Landorus)

    Pokemon: (10) 3-3 Primal Groudon EX 4 Landorus FFI Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums: (37) 4 Korrina 4 Professor Sycamore 2 N 2 Lysandre 1 Lysandre's Trump Card 3 Mega Turbo 3 Trainers' Mail 1 Switch 1 Scramble Switch 1 Ultra Ball 2 VS Seeker 3 Robo Substitute 1 Professor's Letter 3 Groudon Spirit...