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  1. blargh257

    Northern California Regionals Fall 2013 I'll be there as it is in my hometown. However, it says in the description that the date may move when info about the current season is released. Who's going?
  2. blargh257

    Countering Metagame Decks

    I'd like to make a collection of counters to the meta. Mostly just what counters what, and how good it is at doing it. For example: Plasma Enhanced Hammer Cobalion EX Drifblim DRX Blastoise Frozen City Gothitelle Keldeo EX(/Float Stone) Audino Darkrai Terrakion Mr. Mime Lucario PLS? etc. Any ideas?
  3. blargh257

    Ruling Miscut Question

    Is it legal to use miscut cards like this one in tournament play? They look different, so I just wanted to be sure.
  4. blargh257

    Is there any use for Darkrai Plasma?

    I saw this and hoped it would be good. It's not. However, I'd love to use it somehow or another. I was thinking Darkrai/Gothitelle/Deoxys EX, similar to the old Cursegar. Colress Machine would make Darkrai very fast to set up, and you could run Snorlax for early game. Deoxys powers up your...
  5. blargh257

    Northern California Battle Roads

    List in order of dates: Carmichael, June 1 6026 Fair Oaks Blvd, Carmichael, California S: 11:00 E:11:30 Concord, June 2 1950 Market St, Concord, California S:11:00 E:11:30 Elk Grove, June 8 10054 Bruceville Road, Elk Grove, California S:11:00 E:11:30 Alameda, June 8 2311 Santa Clara Ave...
  6. blargh257

    PTCGO Question

    I just got PTCGO and opened some packs. Now, beforehand I was under the impression that I got 4 of every card that I pulled. I looked and, sure enough, only the one Computer Search. Is something wrong with my system or was I just misinformed?
  7. blargh257


    2 Sableye 3 Darkrai EX 3 Sigilyph 8 Dark 5 Psychic 3 Double Colorless Energy 4 Dark Patch 4 Energy Switch 4 Eviolite 4 Pokemon Catcher 4 Professor Juniper 4 N 2 Skyla 2 Bianca 1 Computer Search 1 Energy Search 1 Tropical Beach 4 Ultra Ball I was scanning the "What won cities" thread and i saw...
  8. blargh257

    blargh257's 2012-13 Season

    Santa Clara BR: 5th, no CP Norcal Regionals: 38th? no CP
  9. blargh257

    Northern California City Championships

    All those by PTE Games (modesto on 23rd) Santa Clara Let me know if you see any others.
  10. blargh257

    Ruling Rayquaza EX/ Prism Energy

    I know Glace just asked something like this but i can't post on the thread, so here goes. If i have a prism and three lightning on a Rayquaza EX can i dump the prism...
  11. blargh257

    Blargh's Battle Road

    So... Today i went to one of the largest BRs there is, Santa Clara, California. The crowd was big- 28 for seniors- but i had what i felt like was a nice list. 1 Zekrom EX 2 Terrakion NV 2 Mewtwo EX 4 Tynamo Thunder Wave 4 Eelektrik 1 Emolga 6 {L} 4 {F} 3 {C}{C} 1 Skyarrow 4 N 4...
  12. blargh257

    Northern California Regionals 2012

    October 13-14. Santa Clara County Fairgrounds 344 Tully St. San Jose, California. I don't have any knowledge of the location, etc., but i was born in SJ so... i don't know. Expect me to be there. Please post any other info that i do not already have.
  13. blargh257

    blargh's DRX Prerelease

    Today I played in a Dragons Exalted Prerelease because I don't know how to open up a report and because I wanted to. So i get there and put forth my 25 dollars. This thing is HUGE- they had to cut the number of masters rounds because they were originally going to have too many- and i'm just...
  14. blargh257

    How to Donk a Kyurem EX (Lugia Legend/Smeargle)

    This is the dumbest donk deck in existence, and even though i have yet to test it, I think it would still be a fun deck. 4 Smeargle CL 2-2 Lugia Legend HS 4 Rainbow 4 Water 4 Fire 4 Lightning 4 Switch 4 Super Scoop Up 4 Legend Box 4 Junk Arm 4 N 3 Professor Oak's New Theory 4...
  15. blargh257

    Bodyblow (Garbodor/Mewtwo/Terrakion) BW-on

    I love Garbodor, he's just such a nuisance. He kills EVERYTHING except for Mewtwo/Terrakion, so that's the deck I'm going to put him in with. Here we go. 4-3 Garbodor (NV-Dragons Exalted) 3 Mewtwo EX 2 Terrakion NV 2 Terrakion EX 2 Emolga Dragons Exalted 16 Pokemon 4 Double...
  16. blargh257

    Regionals Results

    MODS MAY LOCK IF THEY THINK THAT THIS THREAD IS POINTLESS (they will anyway) Here are the masters winners. Zekeels Zekeels Zekeels Zekeels Zekeels Zekeels Zekeels Durant. sooooooo many zekeels... Thoughts? Also half of the top cuts were Zekeels mirror matches.
  17. blargh257

    Northern California Regional Championships: Pleasanton

    TCG and VCG Northern California Regional Championship April 14 and 15 2012 Alameda County Fairgrounds 4501 Pleasanton Avenue Building C Pleasanton California 94566 United States Conveniences/Info/Etc. The event website is called Second City Gym and the inconviently long link is here...
  18. blargh257

    How I Decided That Reuniclus is not for Me: 2-3 at Santa Clara City Championships

    So, here is my report from Santa Clara Cities. Pre-tournament i made the final preperations at home and was able to relax and play Smash Bros. until about 9:30. we then drove to Santa Clara. I was playing GRaPES, which is Gothitelle with several techs, most of which turned out to have a...
  19. blargh257

    Black and White: Noble Victories is the 50th TCG set!

    i am probably not the first to realize this, but NV is Pokemon's 50th set. Congratulations to them for this accomplishment.