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  1. bbninjas

    Contest January 2022 CaC: Energy Acceleration (Sign-ups Closed!)

    SHUT. UP. I suppose I should also /in for image
  2. bbninjas

    Yeah same! First non-Pokemon anime I ever watched, it's excellent

    Yeah same! First non-Pokemon anime I ever watched, it's excellent
  3. bbninjas

    ooo is your avy Killua??

    ooo is your avy Killua??
  4. bbninjas

    Community Hi everyone. Question about a social media ad

    It sounds scammy - if your daughter wants a particular set of cards, it'd be worth buying them directly through a card shop like TCGPlayer, instead of spending money and time buying and playing six games. edit: Do you mean this? This is probably just a meme that the webmaster posted.
  5. bbninjas

    TCG Fakes 31 Days of CaC: A Month-Long Look at 10 Years of History

    I was inclined to agree - but since seeing Jabber perfect the technique of finding stock images and doing some fancy photo manip, it turns out to be much easier than it first seemed! Definitely a fan of a good Trainer.
  6. bbninjas

    TCG Fakes 31 Days of CaC: A Month-Long Look at 10 Years of History

    The CAC is the reason I came to be involved in the 'Beach - and Hariyama was my very first entry. I think I surprised Luis back in the day with a rather novel but entirely redundant phrasing for coin flipping - "flip a coin with an outstretched arm". How the days have gone by...
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    3rd Custom PTCG Tournament - An Online Custom Pokémon TCG Format (with PRIZES!)

    For all those looking to sign up - head over to the #lackey-announcements channel on the Faking Community Discord:, hit the "check" mark and you'll be added straight in.
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    Active 2021 Inter-Forum Mafia Championships

    Good luck @Ephemera!! Smash it
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    Contest May 2021 CaC: Extreme Heights (Results Are Up!)

    You can absolutely post a card of the same Pokemon as someone else! As long as the designs aren't the same...
  10. bbninjas

    Active 2021 Inter-Forum Mafia Championships

    Fine by me! Good luck :)
  11. bbninjas

    Active 2021 Inter-Forum Mafia Championships

    Thanks for the nom! I am too busy to do it this year unfortunately, so I'll happily let you represent @Ephemera. :)
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    TCG Fakes The Custom PTCG Plugin - A "Manual PTCGO" for Original Pokémon Cards!

    Version 0.9.2: Balancing update has been released! This update sees Goodra-GX finally nerfed, plus some minor changes to meta staples Vespiquen RXS and Floatzel RXS, and a change to Monferno RXS. The plugin should update automatically — if you have any issues, let us know! The community...
  13. bbninjas

    Contest April [Fool's] 2021 CaC: Helioptile (Results Are Up!)

    That's a wrap! mimsy borogoves is asleep but has told me to let you know that results will be (probably) coming a few hours (if at all).
  14. bbninjas

    Contest March 2021 CaC: Generation 4 (All Results Up!)

    Dropping sadly! University has not been kind to me this week. Good luck to everyone entering!
  15. bbninjas

    TCG Fakes Faking Resources and Help - How to Make Your Own Pokemon Cards!

    Welcome @All-Stars_Creator! Many card creators use the LackeyCCG simulator to playtest original cards. We've actually even reached the point of building our own custom card format (currently consisting of 1000+ custom cards) that runs through the Lackey software (details here). I'd also...
  16. bbninjas

    TCG Fakes Neo Destiny Revival

    Welcome AT! You can add an image like so: So how do you get that link? Well it's pretty easy - just go to the card's page (, right click the card and open in a new tab, and copy the url. Simples!
  17. bbninjas

    With Virtually No New Covid Cases, Play! Pokemon Events Return to Australia and New Zealand!

    Australia / NZ starting Play! Pokemon events back up for the people who want them seems like a good call imo - these events are functionally no different to any of the other unorganised community gatherings that have started to pop up, if not better because official events have actual mandated...