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  1. Dusk Form Lycanroc

    Contest DFL's Fakemon Contest, Finished! (Remake)

    My original Fakemon contest got forgotten by me :( i'm sorry guys. Anyway. To enter just post in this thread saying that you wish to enter. To Submit your entry's PM them to me Submissions will close on: August 25th 2019 The entry's from last time will already be entered in this contest. If one...
  2. Dusk Form Lycanroc

    Contest (Sign Ups) Dusk Form Lycanroc's Fakemon Contest I

    Welcome all! I am Dusk Form Lycanroc (Call me DFL if you will) in this contest participants will create a fakemon. Note: You may create an alolan form of a existing Pokemon I will then judge the fakemon based on accurateness of the Pokedex entry towards the way it seems like the fakemon would...
  3. Dusk Form Lycanroc

    Standard Weird Lost Thunder Cofagrigus Deck

    Pokemon (16): x4 Cofagrigus (LOT) x4 Yanmask (LOT) x4 Giratina (LOT) x4 Dunsparce (CES) Trainers (34): x4 Last Chance Potion (CES) x4 Hustle Belt (CES) x4 Nest Ball (SUM) x4 Ultra Ball (SUM) x4 Apricorn Maker (CES) x4 Rescue Stretcher(GRI) x3 Adventure Bag (LOT) x3 Cynthia (UPR) x2 Mysterious...
  4. Dusk Form Lycanroc

    Standard Glaceon GX/Abomasnow

    Pokemon 16: 4x Glaceon GX ULP 39 4x Eevee SUM 101 3x Abomasnow ULP 38 3x Snover ULP 37 2x Tapu Lele GX GRI 60 Trainers 32: 2x N 2x Cynthia 1x Bridgette 3x Skyla 2x Professors Letter 1x Energy Retrieval 3x Ultra Ball 2x Parallel City 2x Float Stone 2x Aqua Patch 1x Lana 3x Choice Band 4x Lillie...
  5. Dusk Form Lycanroc

    Collecting Alolan Pokemon collecting

    Hello everyone i was just wondering, am i the only one that collects cards of the Alolan form Pokemon? for fellow Alolan Pokemon collectors this is the place to post your collections and rate Alolan Pokemon cards for me so far i have collected: Alolan Meowth (Mcdonalds card) Alolan Raichu...
  6. Dusk Form Lycanroc

    Standard Leafeon GX/Beedrill

    ****** Pokémon Trading Card Game Deck List ****** Pokemon 21: 4 Leafeon-GX UPR 13 4 Eevee SUM 101 4 Weedle CIN 1 4 Kakuna CIN 2 4 Beedrill CIN 3 1 Buzzwole-GX PR-SM SM69 Trainers 29: 4 Acerola BUS 112 3 Rare Candy SUM 129 4 Gardenia UPR 124 4 Pokemon Fan Club UPR 133 4 Damage Mover SLG 58 4...
  7. Dusk Form Lycanroc

    Help What is the best theme deck?

    I was wondering what the best theme deck would be to get?
  8. Dusk Form Lycanroc

    Art Gallery Lycanroc's Pokemon Drawings (and Other Things)

    Here i will post all of my Pokemon drawings as well as the winning drawings from my weekly contest here is a link for the first one in case you want to join: And here i will post a list of all of my drawings starting with Pikachu: It actually...
  9. Dusk Form Lycanroc

    TCG Fakes Lycanroc's USUM Series of Sets (Text-Based) Taking Requests

    Well hello everyone the first set in my series will be Bright Moon and now for the first card: And now for this:
  10. Dusk Form Lycanroc

    Standard Naganedel-GX/Ultra Necrozma-GX

    I was going over deck ideas using some of the Announced Forbidden Light cards (Including ones that where revealed by the theme decks and Prerelease promos) Pokemon 15: 2x Ultra Necrozma-GX FBL #95 2x Naganadel-GX FBL #56 3x Poipole FBL #55 1x Guzzlord FBL #80 2x Malamar FBL #??? 2x Inkay FBL...
  11. Dusk Form Lycanroc

    Standard Lyanroc's Lickilicky/Mewtwo Deck

    Pokemon: 1 Sneasel (Steam Siege) 3 Wingull’s (Sun and Moon) 1 Meowth (Steam Siege) 1 Lickitung (Ultra Prism) 1 Lickilicky (Ultra Prism) 1 Mewtwo (Sun and Moon promos #77) 3 Lillipup’s (Sun and Moon) 1 Croagunk (Ultra Prism) 2 Dewpider’s (Ultra Prism) 1 Spiritomb (Steam Siege) 2 Herdier’s (Sun...
  12. Dusk Form Lycanroc

    TCG Fakes Lycanroc's Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Dragons Strike Set (Canceled)

    Here are the first 10 cards in my set, i will try to post 10 new cards every day. (i might forget though)
  13. Dusk Form Lycanroc

    Help Water Type Deck Building

    I am trying to construct a water type deck that can beat my brother's grass type deck, does anybody have any suggestions? Note: Mostly cards from the following sets: Sun and Moon Shining Legends, Sun and Moon Ultra Prism, Sun and Moon. Note: he uses mostly the turtwig Diamond and Pearl set...