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    'Celebrations' is our 25th Anniversary Set, Includes Reprint of Base Set Charizard!

    Anyone who knows me or follows my work is aware of what a huge fan of anything Neo-era I am! I know it's limited, but I love the idea of bringing back old gimmicks, especially Light Pokémon. That Toxtricity looks fantastic! I might actually have to buy some cards (for the first time in over a...
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    New 'V-UNION' Trademark Filed for the Pokemon TCG!

    In the words of Falco Lombardi..."this is horrible."
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    Nine Surprising Changes Announced for the PTCG: Fairy Pokemon Dropped!

    When Fairy was revealed as a new type years ago, Psychic was one of the TCG types I felt Fairy Pokémon would best fit in (if they didn’t get their own TCG type). An interesting change, for sure, as is the move of Poison types to Darkness. It makes sense, though, as Psychic would become pretty...
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    TCG Fakes Neo Redux: A Triumphant Return? (Image Based) // Gee, you're big.

    So, friends, it's been over a decade since I started this ridiculous project. Holy smokes. While I've certainly been busy in my real life, this thing has been a relative constant. I have pages upon pages of Word documents full of spoilers for the unfinished cards (literally hundreds of pages)...
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    SwSh make me nervous for a potential DP remake.

    SwSh make me nervous for a potential DP remake.
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    Pokemon VMAX, Sword & Shield Cards, Meowth V MAX Special Collection Revealed!

    At this point I just like checking in to see what new gimmick the TCG has. Honestly, it makes me long for the Base-Neo days, although seeing as the recent main series titles are all about gimmicks, I suppose these translate well to the TCG.
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    News America's November Set: 'Crimson Invasion,' Two Ultra Beast Premium Collections!

    I don't think our opinions could be more different! :) I love the UBs; Buzzwole and Xurkitree in particular are now two of my favorite Pokémon -- and so is Silvally! I stopped actively playing a while ago, and when I collect, I usually only collect normal versions of Pokémon -- so, like ex, Lv...
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    TCG Fakes Neo Redux: A Triumphant Return? (Image Based) // Gee, you're big.

    I posted this on dA last week but somehow missed it here...
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    Discussion Does Dragon Need a Basic Energy Type?

    While I don't play in the current meta, I enjoy the way Dragon-types are now; by requiring other types of Energy to attack, they provide a nice foil to Colorless Pokémon (of which the vast majority can use any type of Energy). I think that Fairy may have been cooler if they introduced it as a...
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    TCG Fakes Neo Redux: A Triumphant Return? (Image Based) // Gee, you're big.

    Thanks, Jabber! I'd love if you wanted to help out with the Tapus -- I'll send a PM ASAP! While it'd be cool to use free attack cost, the mechanic didn't exist until DP. While I'm incorporating some newer stuff into Redux (Burned, Restored, etc), I think I'll keep it as-is for now. Will...
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    TCG Fakes Neo Redux: A Triumphant Return? (Image Based) // Gee, you're big.

    Here's... Kind of a fun card, if it can survive long enough! I'd love your thoughts/comments/critiques -- and what you'd like to see next!
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    TCG Fakes Neo Redux: A Triumphant Return? (Image Based) // Gee, you're big.

    Just a quick update for you guys! I've been working hard on ~5-10 cards/day, but I'm waiting to post them until I have art ready to complete them. Do you guys think I should post them as-is, or should I wait? I've also been working on spoilers, and the list gets a little smaller every day as...
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    News Pokémon Core Title Coming to the Switch in Over a Year!

    Nope, not at all, even if you look at them by generation. Most generations average about three years, with only Gen III (2002-2006) and Gen IV (2006-2010) lasting longer. Including third versions/remakes/sequels, the franchise is almost annual. Granted, with a Gen VIII release on Switch in late...
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    TCG Fakes Edwin's Fake Thread (Image Based)

    Looks great, Edwin! But it seems you used the Energy cost from a previous card in the GX attack cost.
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    TCG Fakes Neo Battlefield: Sneasel (Image Based)

    Hey Reggie -- here's the symbolsheet. Thankfully, I designed the width to equal my blanks, so if I need to resize it, all I have to do is match the width of the blank!
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    TCG Fakes Edwin's Fake Thread (Image Based)

    Still looking pretty good, but I'd love to see more cards with attacks/artwork that aren't copy/pasted from official cards.
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    TCG Fakes Neo Battlefield: Sneasel (Image Based)

    I'll resize it for you at the same percent reduction I reduced the holosheet. Then you can just do a simple copy and paste.
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    TCG Fakes Faking Resources and Help - How to Make Your Own Pokemon Cards!

    Honestly, the easiest way might be to just rip it from a scan and then change it to whatever color you need.
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    TCG Fakes Neo Battlefield: Sneasel (Image Based)

    I just noticed some of the symbol sizes look off. On Regirock, the Fighting and Colorless attack symbols look different sizes. Then, the Fighting Resistance symbol on Rocket's Gengar is absolutely smaller than the Fighting Weakness symbol on Registeel/Regirock. What blanks/symbolsheet are you...