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    Rayquaza EX/leavanny/eelektrik

    Hey guys heres another rouge deck idea, feel free to comment and express your opinion:D Pokemon:18 3x rayquaza EX 3-1-3 leavanny[leaf tailor] 2x thunderus 3-3 eelektrik Supporters:11 4x juniper 4x N 3x Cheren Items/Stadiums: 17 3x ultra ball 1x super rod 2x eviolite 2x tool...
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    Hydrai: darkrai/ hydreigon

    Hey guys, sorry i havent posted a thread in a while, but here is one now. It is my Hydrai deck list. If there are any suggestions feel free to comment below! :D. pokemon:16 3-1-3 Hydreigon[deino and zweilious from NV, Hydreigon from DRX] 3x Darkrai EX 1x Shaymin EX 1x Mewtwo EX 1x Giratina EX 1x...
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    Zekeels BW-on

    Hey guys, heres the zekeels deck i promised, hope ya like it. pokemon:17 1x mewtwo ex ND 1xtornadus ex DE 1x raikou ex DE 2x zekrom ex ND 2x zekrom BW 2x thunderus EP 3x tynamo DE charge beam 1x tynamo NV thunder wave 3x eelektrik NV 1x minun DE T/S/S 33 4x professor juniper 1x bianca 3x N 2x...
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    Hey guys, i thought i'd show you a deck i thought of while i was looking over the scans here it is: Pokemon-19 3-3 xWailord DEX 3 xRegigigas ex ND 4-1-3x Renuclius EP w/ damage swap 2x Ho-oh EX DEX T/S/S 20 4x Cilan 4x Cheren 2x Professor Juniper 3x random receiver 4x switch 3x...