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    TCG Fakes More Pimpin' Fakes (Alola batch 2 added November 14)

    RE: More Pimpin' Fakes. (Ferrothorn and Kabutops GL added August 14) lucario hahahahahahahahah :D nice pmj
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    Rayquaza EX/leavanny/eelektrik

    Hey guys heres another rouge deck idea, feel free to comment and express your opinion:D Pokemon:18 3x rayquaza EX 3-1-3 leavanny[leaf tailor] 2x thunderus 3-3 eelektrik Supporters:11 4x juniper 4x N 3x Cheren Items/Stadiums: 17 3x ultra ball 1x super rod 2x eviolite 2x tool...
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    Nigel, ok thanks

    Nigel, ok thanks
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    hey nigel i just pulled a rayquaza EX fa. I was wondering if rayquaza is better in which deck...

    hey nigel i just pulled a rayquaza EX fa. I was wondering if rayquaza is better in which deck: reshiboar EX, or Zekeels. IF you can it would be a big help to reply back thanks :D
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    Pack Wars

    i play this w/ my buddies. we go to walmart then buy 2 packs and start playing. rules: 1]first one to KO all the others pokemon wins 2]you can only draw a card at the beginning of your turn 3] you can only play 1 supporter each game energy is provided. I like this game, it makes it more fun to...
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    Hi Nigel did you read about the Zekeels playability prediction Celebi23 wrote?

    Hi Nigel did you read about the Zekeels playability prediction Celebi23 wrote?
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    Eelektrik Variants: Raikou-EX, Rayquaza-EX, and Terrakion!

    Nice article :D. I'm testing raikou/zekrom/zekrom EX/eels against predicted tier 1 decks. Garchomp, hydrai, and bouffalant are actually good match-ups for this deck since i run thundurus and/or tornadus EX. You can get a turn 1 charge if your lucky, and since CMT is gone i do not think you will...
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    Hydrai: darkrai/ hydreigon

    yup. oops :P
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    Blastoise/Keldeo deck

    Nice deck :D. but i would suggest running some other attackers besides mewtwo and keldeo EX. I would suggest: -1 catcher -1 scrapper -1 bicycle +2 cilan +1 kyurem + 3 juniper The reason why i have more add-ins then take outs is because you have 3 spaces left to fill. Anyways one of the better...
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    Hey nigel :D

    Hey nigel :D
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    Zekeels BW-On(DRX)

    yeah i think your right, mewtwo is still really good in this deck.
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    Hydrai: darkrai/ hydreigon

    Hey guys, sorry i havent posted a thread in a while, but here is one now. It is my Hydrai deck list. If there are any suggestions feel free to comment below! :D. pokemon:16 3-1-3 Hydreigon[deino and zweilious from NV, Hydreigon from DRX] 3x Darkrai EX 1x Shaymin EX 1x Mewtwo EX 1x Giratina EX 1x...
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    Torrakion donk (tornadus&terrakion BW on

    I like it a lot :D. But since garbador from Dragons Exalted is going to be a card played very often, and it completely blocks aerodactyl's ability as long as there is a pokemon tool in play I suggest: -1 N -1 Bianca you will not need as many draw supporters since you run 2 RR. +2 tool...
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    Nigel, congrats on becoming a super mod! :D

    Nigel, congrats on becoming a super mod! :D
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    Zekeels BW-On

    Well for a new player to competitive playing again the deck is great. :D heres what i would suggest -1 Zekrom EX[not good for consistency] -1 Thunderus[ In BW-on max potion is better for the discarding of energy since the meta-game decks have very high-hitting attackers{max is a counter to those...
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    hey nigel, nice new avatar :D

    hey nigel, nice new avatar :D
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    Pokemon Most Memorable Pokemon Moment Thread

    TCG: When i beat zekeels using reshiboar EX VG: i played VG when i was little,so probably catching shiny mewtwo[hr] also when i collected cards, getting a flareon star and a rayquaza. I still have them in mint condition YAY!!!!![hr] and when i opened my first pack when i was 5 and the first...
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    Darkrai EX/Hydregion

    Well shaymin vs giratina is difficult. If you run giratina i suggest putting in a fallback attacker like mabe 1-2 mewtwo,as it can deal with a fighting matchup very well. If you run shaymin i suggest finding a place for a sabelye and a few revives because even with fighting resistance terrakion...
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    London 2012: The XXXth Olympiad

    Wooohooo USA, diving team, USA diving team USA, USA,USA lets go USA!!!!
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    Reshiboar EX BW-On

    -1 pignite[you dont need it since you run rare candy] -1 tepig[3-1-3 Emboar is very consistent] -1 mewtwo EX[ -1 Reshiram EX[Entei EX is also good,but if you dont like my suggestion below forget this idea and keep 3 Reshi EX] -1 heavy ball[3 is enough] -1 virizion[there is no use for a second...