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    WTB Bulk

    Common and uncommon bulk only Must be English, nm/mint, and NO ENERGIES. 90% pokemon minimum (so 10% trainers if needed, although I prefer all Pokemon) 3.75 cents each. Payment will be with paypal only.
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    WTB Registeel EX - URGENT

    I need 1x Regular Art Registeel EX from Dragons Exalted, ASAP.
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    Starcraft 2 Thread

    If there already exists one, please let me know, but I couldn't find one when I searched. Anyway, does anyway play this game? Either wol or hots. No brood war please ;) If so, maybe we can add each other and whatnot. If you do play, please post with this info: name: character code...
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    Emma Watson's Trades - Have Everything W: BW SHINIES

    Welcome to my trade thread! I am located in the USA Rules: 1) Only want my wants, do not ask me to "cml" 2) Be polite 3) You make the first offer 4) All my cards are nm-mint, unless otherwise stated Haves: Meta/New EX Full Arts/Supporter Full Arts: 1x Cresselia EX FA 1x Giratina EX FA 2x...