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  1. Professor Palutena

    Community PokeBeach "Book" Club - What Did You Read Today?

    Hey everyone, For those that don't know, I'm a librarian! And I've been talking with people on our Discord (which you should totally join) about what we read and what we like reading. Reading is so beneficial to mental development regardless of age and regardless of what you read. Therefore...
  2. Professor Palutena

    OU: Strategy Baton Pass

    So many competitive communities are looking at putting a blanket ban down on Basin Pass for competitive play. What do you think about Baton Pass teams? Do that take skill or are they "brainless"? Are that overpowered?
  3. Professor Palutena

    Community PokeBeach is now on Discord!

    PokéBeach has decided to get with the times and create a community Discord Server as a replacement for our Skype chat. We're excited to bring you this new and improved community experience, as Discord brings many new tools to both our forum and chat room that were not previously possible. This...
  4. Professor Palutena

    Pokémon Tangrowth - MOJUMBO Stands Tall

    tangrowth Tangrowth Type: Grass Best Ability: Regenerator Stats: 100 HP / 100 Atk / 125 Def / 110 SpA / 50 SpD / 50 Spe Best Items: Rocky Helmet, Leftovers, Assault Vest Notable Moves: Knock Off, Giga Drain, Sleep Powder, Hidden Power [Fire/Ice], Earthquake, Rock Slide, Sludge Bomb, Focus Blast...
  5. Professor Palutena

    Strategy Pheromosa Suspect Test

    Smogon is suspecting Pheromosa due to its versatility and overwhelming stats. If it gets banned, we will ban it here as well. What are your thoughts on this one?
  6. Professor Palutena

    Finished Kingdoms VII - Game Over - TheAnticipationEevee Wins!

    Kingdoms VII – The Great Rebuild Welcome to Kingdoms! In this game, we battle Pokemon with each other in an attempt to conquer the world. Or at least… the game’s world. That’s still fun, right? Your task is to build your army of Pokemon that can get you to that point when you become a...
  7. Professor Palutena

    Strategy Teambuilding Workshop

    Teambuilding can be difficult, even for the most experienced battlers. It's not uncommon for players to spend days testing and editing to create the best team possible. Thankfully, no one is ever alone when it comes to teambuilding! That's what this thread is for. In this thread, post your...
  8. Professor Palutena

    Wi-Fi Trades Prof's Mega February Giveaway!

    To celebrate my 8 years on PokeBeach, which is coming up soon, I want to do a giveaway to give back to this community that I've thoroughly enjoyed over the past few years. Each day for the next two weeks (Feb 12-26), I will be giving away a specific Pokemon over the GTS. I will issue...
  9. Professor Palutena

    Finished Word Spud (YPPY)

    Word Spud is a word association game. All you have to do is post a word that logically follows the word in the previous post. It's really easy. Example: Post 1: Peanut Post 2: Butter Post 3: Sandwich Post 4: with Post 5: soup etc In terms of making sense, only worry about making sense with the...
  10. Professor Palutena

    Activity Noland's Challenge - Winner is double o squirtle!

    togedemarumalamarlilligantmachopledianmetagross Anyone remember the Battle Factory from Pokemon Emerald? The place in the Battle Frontier where you had a random team of Pokemon? It was my favorite facility in the Battle Frontier and it was the only one I got the gold medal in. There's something...
  11. Professor Palutena

    Guide Playthrough Types

    What is a Playthrough? A playthrough is any "run" through a game where you impose rules on yourself that dictate how you play the game. These rules can be almost anything, such as a rule where you are restricted on what type(s) you can use, how you obtain Pokémon in the challenge or what...
  12. Professor Palutena

    Guide VG Compendium

    PokeBeach has a fanbase for Wi-Fi battling and in-game play, and we have compiled a collection of threads that will help you get the most out of your VG experiences. If you believe a resource should be added here, PM a VG moderator. Wi-Fi Rules An important read if you’re new to our Wi-Fi...
  13. Professor Palutena

    Guide Competitive VG Compendium

    This thread serves as a gateway to the many resource threads we have on PokeBeach. Links to every guide thread can be found here. If you have a guide that you believe should be added here, please PM a VG moderator. Tournament Banlist Our activities here run on a specific banlist that is to be...
  14. Professor Palutena

    Guide OU Role Compendium

    The purpose of this article is to outline the various roles individual Pokémon have in the OU metagame. If you're looking for a specific role for your team, look here! All Pokémon listed here have some degree of viability in OU. If you'd like to propose an addition to the list, feel free to...
  15. Professor Palutena

    Strategy Showdown's OU Tier Established

    Tiers are coming to Pokémon Showdown! We have enough usage stats to form an accurate representation of the OU tier. Tiers are based on usage, not on a Pokémon's individual power. That said, a more powerful Pokémon will obviously be used more. A Pokémon is OU if it is found, on average, on 3.41%...
  16. Professor Palutena

    Strategy Competitive Battling Discussion of the Week - SM Edition 1

    Let's bring these back! These are weekly threads where we talk about a specific topic. If you have any topic ideas, let me know! Week 1: Mega Evolution While Sun and Moon seemingly removed many mega evolutions from the competitive metagame, a few still remain. What mega evolutions have you...
  17. Professor Palutena

    Finished The World Tournament - Keeper of Night Wins!

    The World Tournament Have you ever wanted to be a gym leader? That was my dream when I first played Pokemon. I’d make different typed teams and challenge my friends, who also built typed teams. Mine were always Water-type, and my brother learned this and always picked Electric... In the World...
  18. Professor Palutena

    Guide Teambuilding 101: How To Build Competitive Teams

    One question I get asked a lot is: "PP, how do I build a team". Or I'll talk with people about VG and the first thing they'll say is that they have no idea how to build, so they just pick 6 Pokemon and throw them together. Teambuilding is, honestly, the most important part about competitive...
  19. Professor Palutena

    Wi-Fi Trades Prof's Gen 7 Trade Thread

    FC and IGN are both in my profile so you can check it there! =) I've never done one of these before so here goes everything! For Trade: - Impish Regenerator Marenies - Parting Shot Meowth-Alolan - Timid Snow Warning Vulpix w/ Moonblast, Encore and Freeze Dry - Rough Skin Gible w/ Outrage...
  20. Professor Palutena

    Strategy Z-Move Discussion

    So the big new mechanic in Gen 7 is Z-moves! These are onetime use superpowerful moves that can, potentially turn the tide of battle. Every move, with the exceptions of Lunar Dance and Healing Wish, have a Z-move. Yes, this includes status moves. You can use these moves at the cost of your item...