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    Yeah, not a good time.

    Okay, first off sorry I haven't been here for like a month, since my computer crashed and we didn't take it in for like 2 weeks since it didn't get very bad quick. Well, we took it to Geek Squad and found out our Explorer was crashing, and that it was only supposed to take 5 days. Not good...
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    The "you're PM box is filled" thread!

    I used to have like 2000 (in and out) in mine or something, and now it can't go nearly that full. I don't know why, but yeah, you don't receive PMs if it's full. And don't let it get nearly as full as I did, because it takes forever to delete. Arcanine out.
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    Finished New game- Are YOU popular? (Updated first post with new forum positions) (You-person-person-you)

    RE: New game- Are YOU popular? Um, Mod. I'm ready for my well...whatever the lowest one is (I hate school and my other hobbies..never have any time for PB). =[ Arcanine out.
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    What does everyone want for Christmas?

    -GH3 -Money -CDs -Super Mario Galaxy (:D) -BOA vids ;] Arcanine out.
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    How did you come up with a name for YOUR deck? :o

    I usually just take it from the name. I don't have much imagination in that department. But, I did have some fun names for my first deck (GEX), Kinetic Control or something. I think that's some type of psychic...ness. :/ I dunno, but it worked out well. Arcanine out.
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    Guitar Hero III

    It's pretty good. I haven't been able to play it much, but the DragonForce song is insane. Arcanine out.
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    what are the top 5 decks to watchout for in cities

    In no particular order: Gallade/Gardevoir (it's okay I guess, it'll be played in high quantities) Blissey (BDIF so far, and if played right can handle Gallade) Mario (IT WILL NOT DIE) Kricketune or something (whatever) Rogue stuff (It always comes around - this is when the top decks of...
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    Monday, 11/12, Lucario Lv.X Tin

    4 packs and a Lucario Lv.X???? That's amazing right there. Arcanine out.
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    14 too old? (just another one of those age threads)

    The only age that is too old in Pokemon is one where you're not comfortable playing it, or you're tired of it. There's no age restriction limit. People will only make fun of you because they're not satisfied with their own lives, and it gets easier as you get better when you can reply that...
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    Porygon[2 and -Z] and Pachirisu [JDP4]

    Scott is ridiculous with Porygon2. Arcanine out.
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    Boston Wins World Series.

    From a curse to a dynasty of sorts. Huh, go figure. Arcanine out.
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    Thursday, 10/25, ALL Secret Wonders Scans

    RE: Thursday, 10/25, 126 Secret Wonders Scans This set is awesome, thanks for all the scans. Great job WPM and anyone who linked in the pics. Arcanine out.
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    Goodbye sir. You were a great moderator, and I hope you succeed in whatever path you follow. Arcanine out.
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    Disastrous Fires in Southern California

    My heart goes out to all those families. I've heard some things about arson having been involved in parts of the fires. I won't read the entire thread (where it might've been mentioned) since I don't have much time, but if that was one of the causes to this then I don't even know what to...
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    What are you scared of?

    Heights Spiders Heights And heights. Oh and rabid prarie dogs. Those things are vicious. So walk on stilts with a prarie dog and a spider in your hands. Arcanine out.
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    If you had Time-space Distortion, what would you do with it?

    I'd most likely sell it. They're really useless in ones, though if I had 4 I guess I'd just use it for some weird deck or collectible set (which I'd probably end up selling =/). Arcanine out.
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    One Star

    Okay, first of all, as most of you have probably read, this "scroll" is most likely not a PM or a secret thread. So stop asking to see those sort of things, or badgering current moderators to find out if they've seen this "scroll". Now for my main question. When did this thread become...
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    Guitar hero III

    I'm getting it for Christmas (100% sure, since I had to help my family find it =/). Can't wait to play. Arcanine out.
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    What is your favorite game in XBOX and Ps3

    I've never played Halo 3, so either Halo (the original) or one of the Maddens. I don't have a PS3, so yeah. Arcanine out.