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  1. RogueChomp

    RogueChomp's 13'-14' Season: #Worlds2k14

    Worlds: 60 CP Regionals: 45/150/(105) League Challenge: 12/10/12/10/12/15 Cities: 50/50 States: 90 506 CP (611 CP) Worlds 2014 This year, we left on Thursday. We (The Tams, Jeremy, and I), all have been to D.C. before so we didn't really need to explore like first timers (it was...
  2. RogueChomp

    Pumpin Up Trash! RogueChomp's Top 32 Worlds Report

    ewwww horrible pic :/ Hey guys! I bet you're asking, "Why did he make a new thread?" Well, first of all, cause I can, and second of all, cause I ran out of precious space on my first thread (the spoilers are misleading). The beginning of my story is actually at the night before the Swiss...
  3. RogueChomp

    City Championships Results Thread!

    Post the top 4 winning decks from your City Championships here! Example: Division: Seniors 1st Place:1st place deck and winner if you want 2nd Place: 2nd place deck and runner up if you want 3rd Place: 3rd place deck and name if you want 4th Place: 4th place deck and name if you want Make...
  4. RogueChomp

    Metagross BW8 Metagross Hit Points: 140 Plasma Search Once during your turn (before your attack), search your deck for a Plasma card, reveal it, and put it in your hand. You can't use more than 1 Plasma Search...
  5. RogueChomp

    RogueChomp's 2012-2013 Season 525 CP

    525 Championship Points Season Wrap-Up: Season Record- 83-40 525 CP 1898.57 Rating Favorite Deck: Garbodor 1 Battle Roads win, 2 T4s #sopro 2 Cities wins, 3 T4s 1 States win, 2 T8s 1 Regionals T2, 1 T16 T32 Nationals and T32 Worlds CP: 3rd in NJ...
  6. RogueChomp

    Favorite Sport/Outdoor Activity Thread

    I wanted to post a thread, ok? So what's your favorite sport or outdoor activity? I love soccer and running.
  7. RogueChomp

    The Penguin That Learned to Soar- Empoleon!

    Emperor of the Meta Introduction: Once part of a popular deck back in 2007-2008, this Pokémon is making its comeback in the upcoming BW-on format. After being nearly neglected during HGSS-on, this Pokemon will benefit from the slower format and the decrease of Zekeels. It’s fast, it’s...
  8. RogueChomp

    RogueChomp's.....Not so amazing season report

    Sup Guys. Its my second year in Seniors. This season I made a huge amount of mistakes, many of which I regret. Just to name a few: Playing Reshiboar too much :( Misplaying at NJ States :( Choking at so many events :( Not playing Shaymin UL :( Being an unluck magnet FAILING AT CITIES :( But I...
  9. RogueChomp

    [Battle Roads] This is getting annoying.....RogueChomp's Report

    Yes its true. I'm back again with another report. I did better than last week but.....well you'll find out..... So......this Battle Roads was in Brooklyn, New York and there were a bunch of people I knew (most of them came with us) like the Zhengs, Emmet, justin, iis. Bryan, and many...
  10. RogueChomp

    How in the world do I find my supporters? Pokegear 3.0 vs. Random Receiver!

    Well, I'll say, it's about time that a thread about this controversy between which supporter search out is the best- Pokegear 3.0 or the newly released Random Receiver. Here are what each do just in case you don't know: Random Receiver- Reveal cards from the top of your deck until you reveal a...
  11. RogueChomp

    What Was Your Funniest Pokemon TCG Moment?

    Hey guys! I was wondering.....what were the funniest moments in Pokemon TCG that you have ever had? Was it a donk, a play, a trade, or something else? Tell me about it and have fun! :P
  12. RogueChomp

    Reshiboar Strikes Back?

    Hey guys! This time, I'm here to discuss one of my favorite decks that I had to ditch because of the format- Reshiboar. With the new cards after next destinies such as Reshiram EX, Ultra Ball, Cilan, and Heavy Ball, will Reshiboar make a comeback and become a usable deck? If you aren't familiar...
  13. RogueChomp

    Twist Mountain (Dark Rush)

    Twist Mountain – Stadium Each player may flip a coin once during his or her turn. If heads, he or she choose 1 Revived Pokemon card from his or her hand and plays it onto his or her Bench. You can only bring 1 Stadium card into play during your turn. If a Stadium with a different name...
  14. RogueChomp

    Ruling Mew and Round attack?

    I was looking at a deck in the deck garage and it consisted of Mew Prime and Seismitoad with Round attack. I was confused about one thing though- If you have 4 Palpitoads in play, 1 Seismitoad in the Lost Zone, and your Mew Prime is active and uses Lost Link for Round attack, do Mew Primes add...
  15. RogueChomp

    4 Times a Charm! (Reuniclus/Magnezone)

    I was messing around with my cards one day after a cities, and i thought, hey, I have two net force Reunicluses and extra sleeves, so why not make a deck? Here's my basic list: 4-4-4 Reuniclus (3 Net Force(NV)/1 Damage Swap(HGSS)or 2 Net Force/2 Damage Swap) 2-1-2 Magnezone Prime(Triumphant)...