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    Wednesday, 7/19, Comic-con Tomorrow, Last Chance to Ask Questions

    I'll be looking forward to this. Let's just hope PUSA don't do a random "accidentally turned-on microphone in laptop bag" search after you said that. :P
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    Sunday, 6/18, Official TCG Site Goof-Up, Layout Progress

    Serebii's secret isn't a layout. <_<
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    who will marry ash

    RE:  who will marry ash We might get an epilogue at the end of the anime. Though that's the only way we'll see it unless Celebi gets involved. Misty seems to be the Ash ship that the writers are going for but with no end in sight it is possible that they could make Ash fall for anyone in the...
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    Discuss: Hooked on Onix

    RE: 5/6, Hooked on Onix Yeah, PUSA doesn't take over until the start of the next season. We've still got another five or six episodes with 4Kids.