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  1. SharKing

    'Shocking Volt Tackle,' Japan's September Set!

    Good thing that doesn't matter because Dusknoir will just hang back on the Bench and use its Ability from there anyway.
  2. SharKing

    'Shocking Volt Tackle,' Japan's September Set!

    The fact that Shiftry is not only Stage 2, but also has to be Active, effectively kills the utility of its Ability. Its attack isn't very good (especially since the opponent gets to choose which Pokémon to switch for the Active), and it can't even justify any partnership with switch-attacking...
  3. SharKing

    Japan's March Set: 'Rebellion Crash,' Plus Toxtricity V, Charizard VMAX, Grimmsnarl VMAX!

    I see ideas to combo Nugget with cards like Oranguru, but I think those ideas fall apart when we highlight certain words in Nugget's effect: "Play this card when you draw it from your deck at the start of your turn (before putting it into your hand)." You can use that kind of Ability at the...
  4. SharKing

    'Trevenant-GX Box' in October!

    Trevenant and Dusknoir on a Tag Team card? That actually sounds pretty cool. Just as long as the card itself doesn't set off any XY Trevenant PTSD. Hopefully, it won't, since it'll be a Basic card.
  5. SharKing

    'Sky Legends' Officially Revealed!

    It's not annoyingly bulky like Seismitoad-EX, but it'll still be annoying to face. And go figure, the "annoying" factor goes to a card that's already somewhat annoying for its lazy use of the stock Sugimori art.
  6. SharKing

    SM10a \'GG End\' Mini-Set in April

    I'm legitimately upset that Reset Stamp is a thing. N was already annoying in the late-game, but he had two major factors balancing him. One, he also forces the user to shuffle their hand away, which becomes a double-edged sword if the user's taken some prizes. Two, he's a Supporter, so not...
  7. SharKing

    'Blastoise-GX Premium Collection' in July!

    Looks too underwhelming for Standard play, even with the Blastoise from the Torrential Cannon theme deck. And it basically stands no chance of seeing play in Expanded Archie's Blastoise decks, because Kingdra-GX outclasses it as an attacker.
  8. SharKing

    Porygon-Z-GX, Blaine's Quiz Show, and More Gym Promos Revealed!

    I assume you're talking about Rotom? Yeah, I get the idea of discarding Tools to activate their Abilities, but there are much faster ways to do that than getting a Stage 2 into play.
  9. SharKing

    Porygon-Z-GX, Blaine's Quiz Show, and More Gym Promos Revealed!

    My favorite Pokémon gets a GX, and... it's crap. Oh well, at least the recent non-GX Porygon-Z has potential to be good.
  10. SharKing

    News Japan's First 2019 Sets: 'Night Unison,' 'Full Metal Wall'

    @Water Pokémon Master On Aromatisse's second attack, I don't see how コロン Koron translates to "Lure" at all (maybe there's something I don't know there). It seems to me like it's actually supposed to mean "Cologne", which makes sense with Aromatisse's scent theme.
  11. SharKing

    Zapdos from 'CoroCoro Ichiban' Revealed!

    That's actually very worrying, with all the playful sarcasm that regularly shows up in the articles themselves.
  12. SharKing

    Zapdos from 'CoroCoro Ichiban' Revealed!

    I see a bunch of people in the comments failing to see this post as the obvious sarcasm it is, and here I am just laughing my butt off. XD
  13. SharKing

    SM9 'Tag Volt,' Japan's December Set!

    So basically, a Lightning-only Stage 1 version of Shaymin from Unleashed. Sure, Electrode can move things like Rainbow Energy (since the Ability doesn't say "basic Lightning Energy"), but still... meh.
  14. SharKing

    News Zeraora and Shiny Poipole Promos at Gamestop This Fall, Zeraora Download in October?

    That second attack's English name in the video games is Wild Charge. Just thought I'd point that out. Well, as much as I like the art on that Zeraora card, it's just garbage in competitive play. We have better ways of doing 120 damage (and even more than that) for three Energy, even among...
  15. SharKing

    Gamestop Groudon Promo, 'Trade & Play' Events Now Held at Gamestop with New Freebies!

    Shame that the card is bad, because that artwork is badass.
  16. SharKing

    SM7a 'Fairy Rise' Announced!

    That new Gardevoir looks like a good tech for Gardevoir-GX. It'll be very good after the rotation, since we'll lose N. Gardy will also lose Gallade, so it'll have the room for this tech - it even has a similar attack to Gallade! A-Ninetales-GX also has potential in a support role. Searching for...
  17. SharKing

    Zeraora-GX from SM7a Revealed!

    Shauna, but with a useful effect added on. I'm not so sure this will be a 4-copy card in every deck, but it definitely looks like a good card.
  18. SharKing

    New Players' Ceremony Promo Card, Evokes the Infamous Tropical Beach!

    This card tries to be Tropical Beach, but it actually ends up being a bad Scorched Earth. Seriously, Scorched Earth is also a stadium that draws you two cards, but for a much less brutal cost (just discarding a Fire/Fighting Energy from your hand).
  19. SharKing

    'Explosive Impact,' Japan's SM8 Set; Raises Questions About Switch Release

    When I saw Lugia being featured, I immediately thought of the upcoming Zeraora movie, which is supposed to prominently feature Lugia (like how Marshadow's movie had Ho-Oh as a major focal point).
  20. SharKing

    'Forces of Nature Premium Collection' in July!

    I think we've all gotten sick of Landorus over the years. :p