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  1. Nekoban Ryo

    Pokemon Neko's RealDex (PGO! Alternative)

    I don't play PGO, but I enjoy taking pictures of interesting insects, plants, etc. and sometimes stumble across things that have (or may have) inspired Pokémon. Here are some "Pokémon" I've caught (on film) IRL—feel free to share some of your own! (Some of these may not be species-specific, but...
  2. Nekoban Ryo

    General Neko's Moth-Watching Thread

    Neko's Moth-Watching Thread Gotta spot 'em all! I've had a bit of an obsession with moths since I first spotted a Rosy Maple Moth (now my favorite moth) on my front door a couple years ago. Now I run for my camera whenever I spot a moth that catches my interest. Here I'll be sharing my...
  3. Nekoban Ryo

    Strategy Timid Sandy Cloak Wormadam EV/Moveset Help | Quiver Dance?

    I recently hatched a full-odds Shiny female Burmy while trying for a Shiny Mothim and was initially going to postpone raising her in hope that she would eventually get an alternate evo in the future (see the Australian female bagworm moth), but it's been eating at me and I decided that I'll...
  4. Nekoban Ryo

    Pokemon How Do You Make Your Team?

    If you could only have one static team, how would you decide what Pokémon to use? (In other words, if you were to have yourself -- as a Pokémon trainer -- drawn with your team, what party would you want by your side?) Would you use your favorite Pokémon designs? Pokémon that have been with you...
  5. Nekoban Ryo

    Pokemon Make a Pokémon Team with your Full-Odds Shinies

    Ever had trouble thinking of a team for your Pokémon Trainer OC? This game might be for you. Of course, you can still do it for fun even if you already have a team in mind. Pick up to 6 of your favorite full-odds* Shinies that you've ever obtained. These Pokémon will make-up your team. However...
  6. Nekoban Ryo

    Pokemon Real-Life Pokémon Counterparts You've Captured On Film

    It's Pokémon Snap IRL! Make a team of 6 Pokémon whose real-life counterparts you've captured -- on film. The photos don't have to be artistic, well-composed, or anything like that, but they need to picture a subject that a Pokémon is based on... or something related. Who knows, maybe this will...
  7. Nekoban Ryo

    Community The Rock & Fossil Collecting Thread

    I picked up the hobby a couple months ago and was wondering if any of you enjoy it as well. How did you get started? What are some of your favorite finds? How did you find them? For me, it all started with two bowls too many of macaroni and cheese. I felt ill and the need walk it off, so I...
  8. Nekoban Ryo

    ORAS Secret Base Party Pokémon Not Showing Up in Their Entirety?

    Apparently a lot of people's teams aren't showing up in their entirety (only 2-3 Pokémon instead of 6). Does anyone know what determines the number of Pokémon that show up in your Secret Base team? Rank? Game progress? It was hard enough to limit my favorites to 6 Pokémon, so I really don't...
  9. Nekoban Ryo

    The PokéSona Card Project

    The PokéSona Card Project What is a PokéSona? A PokéSona is a representation of oneself as a Pokémon. Usually the Pokémon you feel you are most like with some personal features, accessories, clothing, or colors added to them. I Choose You! Pick a Pokémon you want to use as your PokéSona...
  10. Nekoban Ryo

    [YGO] Psudo Bakura Deck

    I was afraid to post this in the "Fix My Deck" forum, since it isn't Pokemon, but if this belongs elsewhere, please move it. --- I plan on doing a Yami Bakura cosplay later this year and, while it may not be essential, I would like to build a deck to go with it. My collection isn't very...
  11. Nekoban Ryo

    TCG Fakes Neko's Fake Creations: Cards, Screencaps, and More!

    Useful Posts: How I print holographic cards
  12. Nekoban Ryo

    HeavenEarth Version Fakemon List

    Here are some Fakemon that I and a few others have designed for my Pokemon fangame, HeavenEarth Version. Most of these are pretty old and really need new concepts. Some of these will simply be tossed aside and new Fakemon will be created. Some links appear to be missing. These concepts are not...
  13. Nekoban Ryo

    Custom Gym Badge Request

    Does anyone here know how to make pretty, glossy-looking (/glass-like), 3D-ish badges? If you can, could you please fix up this badge? LINK 1 (MY ATTEMPT) / LINK 2 (LINEART) ^The first link includes the final GBA version of the badge. Use it as a reference if you like. I would like it...
  14. Nekoban Ryo

    Could Someone "Sugi" My (other) OC?

    Hey... ummm... *twidles thumbs* could somebody do me a huge favor? Please? I've requested this before, though that was about 4 years ago, but I seem to have lost track of the file and I wouldn't mind an upgrade, anyway. Who do I want drawn? This guy (he is in sprite form right now). I have...
  15. Nekoban Ryo

    This One's For Xous

    Thanks for the pic you made for me. Even though you said you didn't need anything in return, I wanted to make you something, so here is a fake card that features one of your beautiful illustrations. I hope you like it. :)
  16. Nekoban Ryo

    Request: Read only if you can draw Sugi-style

    This is something I have issues with. I cannot hardly draw Pokemon-style characters to save my life. I'm really into Pokemon card faking and, with the release of Pokemon SP, I have the urge to stick a pic of my anime-self on them. I've tried to draw this character several times, but only 3 of...
  17. Nekoban Ryo

    Nekoban's Fake Cards

    I've had "artist block" for about a month now, so I haven't been able to draw anything, but I still wanted to do something creative. I used to make fake Pokemon cards nearly all the time, but I started doing it less and less until I rarely did so at all. I usually made my fake cards with my...
  18. Nekoban Ryo

    Some Fake Cards by Nekoban Ryo

    I used to make fake cards almost all the time, but that has slowed down. Here are some examples of my past works (all with my own illustrations, of course)... Original blank (c)2003, Purity Moltres - LV.37 - HP70 - Fire Flame Pokemon: Ht: 2.0m, Wt: 60.0kg (Fire...
  19. Nekoban Ryo

    Shugo Chara!

    Hey, has PokeBeach got any other Shugo Chara fans? I'm personally a huge fan of the series, even if it does seem to be directed towards girls. I'm just not into those anime with guns firing every other minute. I think the series has a really creative story behind it. It made me wish I...
  20. Nekoban Ryo

    Art Gallery Neko's Art Showcase: Digivolve into Mega! 11/10/14

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nekoban Ryo's . : :Art Showcase: : . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi there and welcome to my art thread. This may not be the best artwork in the world...