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  1. Nyan

    TCG Fakes Sun & Moon: Aberrant Echoes

    SUN & MOON: ABERRANT ECHOES ______________ Formerly known as GX Armada, Aberrant Echoes is a set I have had in the works for a few years now. Dark times caused by recent tensions have plagued this world... These tensions are escalated even further when mysterious powers begin to awaken within...
  2. Nyan

    TCG Fakes Nyan's Fakes: Multiple Sets, Random Cards, All Fun!

    Hola! So, i've been meaning to do this for a while now, but i'm an avid card faker and have been for more than a year now, and I have yet to really make a faking thread. So, here we begin! I'm probably going to be doing a mixture of text-based sets and image-based sets, currently i'm working...
  3. Nyan

    Tournament PTCGO Uncommon/Common Tourney - Finished!

    100 Hello everyone! Me and @rainyman123 have discussed an alternate format playable on PTCGO! Ever wonder what it'd be like to use that new Seviper competitively? Po Town? And even…. Komala?! That's what this tournament is about! You use only Uncommon and Commons (including trainers) in...
  4. Nyan

    Alt. Format UNLIMITED: Vracken (Gengar) Energy Denial

    This is more of a meme-ish deck. The point of this deck is to punish your opponent's energy attachments to an intense extent. here is the list: Any ways it can improve? Space for Energy Removers? Tell me
  5. Nyan

    Discussion TheNyanCatXD's PTCGO PU - Suspect Testing!

    Hello everyone! So, on the Pokebeach discord, me and @rainyman123 have been discussing and working on an alternate format playable on PTCGO Rules: Commons & Uncommons ONLY! If it's available on PTCGO, and it's a legal card to use, you can use it! If it’s original print was a Rare Print...
  6. Nyan

    Expanded Weird Deck: Archie's Aerodactyl

  7. Nyan

    TCG Fakes TheNyanCat's Text-Based Fakes - Eternal Warriors Set

    Finally I'm done with my list, well here it is: ETERNAL WARRIORS: 101 new cards+ Secrets ( # means playability level on scale of 0-4 0= Literal Trash 1= Okay but only in some decks 2= Good, but can be a little limited 3= Very good all around 4= A potential staple card (meaning it can be used...
  8. Nyan

    TCG Fakes TheNyanCatXD's Imaged-Based Fakes Gallery

    I got introduced into the faking community via DeviantArt, profile here: Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself n. n . I love all fakes, good or bad, and i'm glad to be a part of the community! If you want to see an example of my stuff... (also, happy...