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  1. masterryanx

    Wii U Pokken Tournament Bundle + Special Controller Revealed

    It's possible that the controller is coming out at the same time as Japan, yet the game will still launch in NA and EU later on. That's not uncommon for Hori products. We'll have to see, though.
  2. masterryanx

    ‘Bandit Ring’ Japan’s XY7 Set in June + ‘Legendary Holo’ Mini-Set! [3/23]

    The prospect of a new Arceus card is really exciting for me. This would be the first time we've seen Arceus in card form since, well, Arceus..
  3. masterryanx

    ‘Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions’ Coming to California in July! [3/7]

    There's a good chance it'll be cheaper, yes. The marina is completely outdoors and typically has budget pricing for parts of the lawn area and grandstands. For other video game concerts that have been held there in the past (Zelda Symphony, Distant Worlds, Video Games Live, etc.) those seats...
  4. masterryanx

    ‘Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions’ Coming to California in July! [3/7]

    For the record, you definitely do not need a Comic-Con badge to attend concerts held at the marina. It's an outdoor concert area directly behind the convention center in the harbor, it's a completely separate entity from the rest of the convention. I've been going to concerts during SDCC for...
  5. masterryanx

    Team Aqua Grunt and Team Magma Grunt Promos [1/16]

    It's not really a big deal, but I find the illustrator credit incredibly strange. It's clearly Yusuke Ohmura's work, why not credit him for it like on every other card?
  6. masterryanx

    ‘Pokken Tournament’ Announced! [8/26]

    It's likely that the game is a ways off, they're just making sure the English fanbase knows about it to build hype for the eventual console release. I'm not sure why everyone's panicking. There's no reason why TPCi would be promoting the game if they had no plans for an international console...
  7. masterryanx

    New Ken Sugimori Art Book to be Released in May [4/8]

    Midori Harada was posting about this on Facebook earlier, I nearly had a heart attack when I saw it. This is one book that I absolutely must own, it cannot come out soon enough.
  8. masterryanx

    (1) Several New ‘X Collection’ and ‘Y Collection’ Cards Revealed! [11/14]

    5ban Graphics is the name for Creatures Inc.'s in-house art department. It's only natural that the bulk of the art is done by them for the first set of a generation, as was the case with the early BW sets.
  9. masterryanx

    (1) Nintendo 2DS Announced [8/28]

    It's not going to be, nor do I think it's really meant to be. It's just meant to fill a niche and give consumers more options. That's really it.
  10. masterryanx

    (1) 'CoroCoro' Reveals Mega Pokemon and Three Kalos Pokemon [8/8]

    I'm very pleased with the Mega Pokémon designs. I think they look great. Dedenne being an Electric/Fairy type is supporting suspicions that I've held for some time that the Pikachu family as well as Plusle, Minun, Pachirisu and Emolga will all gain Fairy typing. I thought it was probable from...
  11. masterryanx

    Why, thank you.

    Why, thank you.
  12. masterryanx


    Yes. I'll be at the event in Bakersfield, CA on Saturday and will most likely attend the other KMC in California next month as well.
  13. masterryanx


    It's getting some attention in Europe, yes. I don't know about a huge following though, not yet anyway. The game still hasn't officially launched in Europe, anybody playing over there has been importing the North American product. It looks like France in particular will be getting the TV show...
  14. masterryanx


    Yes, it's a reboot of Duel Masters for the international market. The game engine and rules are exactly the same except for two minor differences.
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    I play both games as well. I wasn't calling you out for bashing or anything, I just thought the instant comparison was unnecessary. Lately I've been getting pretty sick of the uncalled for mud that each game's playerbase has been slinging at the other. Mainly from the Pojo crowd.
  16. masterryanx


    Why must people continually compare Kaijudo and Vanguard? It wasn't even instigated by the OP. They're both great games with their own merits, that's really all there is to it. I've been playing Kaijudo since launch and played DM in English before that. The game's a lot of fun, I'd highly...
  17. masterryanx

    (1) 'Plasma Freeze' Booster Packs and Theme Decks Revealed! [2/16]

    That's some nice package art! Anyone have any guesses as to who the artist might be?
  18. masterryanx

    (1) BW9 ‘Megalo-Cannon’ Eelektross, Porygon-Z, Blastoise, and Kyurem-EX [2/14]

    The art on that Blastoise really is fantastic. It's hard to believe it's the same artist as the original, but it is!
  19. masterryanx

    (1) ‘CoroCoro’ Cover Reveals Silhouetted Pokemon, More Leaks Soon [2/11]

    Exciting! Nice little Fourze keychain thing they've got there, too!
  20. masterryanx

    (1) Junichi Masuda Writes about X and Y [1/21]

    It sounds a lot like Miiverse integration to me. Chances are Nintendo will have it up and running on the 3DS by X and Y's release.