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  1. dmode15

    Discussion Oranguru is killing a win condition

    I am getting tired of facing these decks with Oranguru in it. I feel it should be banned. Mainly because wtith rescue stretcher and pal pad you can create an endless loop. Dont they normally ban cards that prevent people from achieving a win condition. Isnt that the reason that Lysandre...
  2. dmode15

    Help Ancient traits

    Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone knows off the top of their head if there are any ancient trait pokemon left over since breakthrough? Specifically I'm looking for anything that prevents gusting effects from happening. Thanks!
  3. dmode15

    Collecting It is possible to get full arts in single packs.

    I was always wary of getting packs from online retailers due to the possibility of weighing. Happy to get my five free packs from TCGplayer For the April tourney (Thanks to being a premium member!). Even more happy to pull a full art Zygarde Gx in one of the packs. Also got a prism star and...
  4. dmode15

    Discussion Why do people add 'junk cards' when trading on PTCGO

    Ok so I already know the answer to the question I posed, but is it really necessary. For example someone wants a tapu Lele so they offer up say 5 packs of guardians rising and 45 common cards. When you look at the main trade list it looks like this guy is offering up 50 packs of guardians...
  5. dmode15

    Discussion Does Oranguru Kill the Viability of Mill Decks?

    I have been running a sylveon variant that can both attack and mill depending on the matchup. I played against a couple of opponents who were playing Oranguru with resource management. Is there a way to deal with this or is this the end of mill decks for the foreseeable future?
  6. dmode15

    Discussion Are You a Rage Quitter? (Online PTCGO)

    I dont know how many games I have played online where we get down to the last prize card, I am about to press the attack button for the final knock out and then suddenly my opponent quits. Many of us try to collect the rewards by knocking out 16 Pokemon of a certain type. It seems like good...
  7. dmode15

    Collecting Will tapu lele go up in price?

    with the emergence of Glaceon GX I have wondered if tapu lele will start to fall out of favour as people adjust to gaceons ability. I am more of a collector than a player and I am wondering if this is the time to get rid of my leles before the drop in price happens then pick them up after it...
  8. dmode15

    Discussion Why do we still call Full Art cards Full Art?

    When I first started collecting pokemon around Flashfire, I didn't understand what full art meant until someone explained it. Back then it made sense, full art cards had the art across the whole cards while regular ex cards only took up about half. Well ever since Sun and Moon the regular GX...
  9. dmode15

    Tournament Requirements for tournament

    First off I am new to pokebeach but I have dove right in and am enjoying every minute (and find its worth every cent of my sub). One concern I have though is for the tournaments. It seems as though many of the people who signed up have only 1 or two posts on the site and are brand new sign...
  10. dmode15

    Discussion Is anyone using escape board

    I have seen several people playing online still running float stones. This even thought each of their retreat costs is 1 or less. Granted special conditions are not very relevant right now but wouldn’t it just make sense to play escape board and protect against confusion or paralysis? Or is...
  11. dmode15

    Tournament [Monthly PTCGO Tournament] Confirming a Decklist

    How does pokebeach confirm if someone has not edited their decklist after the deadline for the monthly tournament? Should i be setting my decklist to 'visible' in the settings?
  12. dmode15

    Discussion Just pulled 3 secret rares. Should I get them graded?

    I was just at my local toys r us to buy the new lucario GX box (which seems to be delayed due to Cyrus issue). I noticed shining legends pikachu pin packs were on sale for 25% off so I picked 3 of them up. Unbeleiveably i pulled in order: secret rare lab mewtwo, followed by a second secret rare...
  13. dmode15

    Discussion Pull Rates From Pre-Release Kits

    I opened 5 pre release kits from ultra prism and pulled a total of ONE full art trainer Pokemon Fan club (if it was Cynthia I probably wouldn’t be writing this thread) During crimson invasion I opened up four kits and pulled nothing! Is this just my bad luck or do other people notice the pull...