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  1. masterryanx


    Pulseman has finally Volteccer'd his way to the North American Virtual Console! How many of you purchased this Game Freak classic today?
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    The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

    Early this morning during Nintendo's GDC keynote speech, Iwata revealed a new Zelda title (among other things) to the public. The game is tentatively titled The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks and is slated to be out on the DS by the end of the year. The 'Tracks' portion of the title derives from...
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    Show us your desktop! (You-person-person-you)

    I don't think we've ever had one of these on the forum before, so I decided to create one. Welcome to the PokeBeach "show us your desktop" thread! The place you can post in when you feel like.. well, showing off your desktop! =D A few rules though: 1. You-person-person-you is in effect...
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    Dragon Quest IV, who's buying it?

    On September 16th, Square-Enix will be releasing a DS remake of the beloved Dragon Quest IV in North America. Are there any other DQ fans on the forums who are excited about picking up this game next Tuesday?
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    [Spoiler Alert] Dialga vs. Palkia vs. Darkrai, Review Thread

    Since the Japanese DVD of Dialga vs. Palkia vs. Darkrai has been out for several days now, and many people with the ability to watch the movie have now done so, I thought I'd start a review thread here on PB for it. So what are your thoughts, did you like it for starters? Personally, I...
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    POSSIBLE ANIME SPOILER THREAD!! Ash's Pidgeot to Return?!

    Possible Spoiler Alert! If you don't want to be 'possibly' spoiled then I suggest you leave this thread... Anyway, several days ago while watching one of the latest Japanese episodes (DP 24 Showdown! Satoshi VS Pikachu! to be exact...) a little something at the start of the episode caught...
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    Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games!

    Sorry I meant to post this like two days ago but I didn't get the chance, forgive me. Anyway, as many of you have probably heard now Mario and Sonic are appearing in a game together for the first time in videogame history! (Some still think it's an April Fools joke it and NIGHTs on the Wii...
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    Pokemon Classic Sugimori art?

    I was wondering if anybody might know where I'd be able to find a database of the classic Sugimori art from RBGY? I know WPM has the FRLG redesigns up, but I'm looking for the original art. Thanks in advance! -Ryan
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    Your Most Precious Card?

    What's your most precious card? Like one you'd never sell for any amount of money. It may be worth a lot of money or just have a special meaning to you... Mine is my Base Set Gyrados. It was my first holo ever and it was in my first pack ever. Despite it's wear and tear I won't sell it (or...
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    DDR Anybody?

    I was wondering does anyone here play DDR (Dance Dance Revolution)? If so what level do you play on and how long have you been playing? I play on Heavy most of the time but there are those songs that push you back to Standard due to difficulty. And I've been playing... hmm let me see, about 3...
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    Pokemon Pokemon Manga Scanlations

    Before anyone asks let me say that this was already approved by WPM. Does anyone know where I might be able to find scanlations for the manga series Pokemon Adventures (Pokemon Special) or Magical Pokemon Journey? I've been looking around for a while now but no luck.
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    Favorite Episode

    I was just curious. What is everyone here's favorite Pokemon episode? I don't really have one so I thought It'd be cool to see what episodes you guys liked. Just say your favorite episode and why you picked it. ;)
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    Other TCGs

    Hey, I was just wondering what other TCGs do some of you guys play besides Pokemon? The main games I play besides Pokemon are Yu-Gi-Oh, Digimon, Zatch Bell, DBZ, One Piece, and I'm starting Naruto when it comes out in March. I did play a couple of other games but most I gave up or they died...
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    Pokemon Trainer Cards

    Does anyone here have a Trainer Card you made or someone else made for fun? I have two, here they are cool huh? :D
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    Movie 8

    Has anyone seen Mew and the Wave Guiding Hero Lucario yet? I'd have to say it's one of the best movies yet. Feel free to post your opinions and thoughts on the movie here. ;)