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  1. TorchHG

    Ruling Proxy Cards being officially played?

    Watching the Toronto stream and people posting lists and I swear I saw people playing basic energies with sharpie being played as ace spec cards. Am I going crazy or was there a recent ruling on Ace Spec cards that allow this to happen? I’m almost positive Jimmy And Russel used a fairy as...
  2. TorchHG

    Discussion Wacky Stage 2s

    As we saw Gardevoir / Solgaleo / Swampert win Roanoke, a deck with 3 Stage 2 lines, what kinds of other Stage 2 decks are people looking at? I’ve definitely had my sights set on Double Solgaleo / Magnezone for a little bit.
  3. TorchHG

    Discussion Enjoying New Standard Rotation

    I know that when the standard format gets shaken up that new decks come in and out of favor, but I have to say that I'm really liking the current flavor of Standard. I do realize the Rayquaza GX / Vikavolt is strong and dominant right now, but I want to mostly look at points beside that. My...
  4. TorchHG

    Fun Who’s going to Collinsville Regional?

    Hey all! I just registered online for the Collinsville regional and I’m really excited for it! I’ve got a few ideas for decks I want to play (read: I have 3 decks I’m practicing for the tournament but pretty sure on the deck I’ll settle for). While everyone wishes to play and place well, I...