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    Have a Wii? Don't update to 4.2

    4.2 has no useful features- it's strictly a poor attempt to block homebrew. However, it does update boot2- it's updating the bootloader, with untested, buggy code for that purpose. If ANYTHING goes wrong during the update, the console is bricked, and you'll need a hardware NAND programmer to...
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    A tiny flaw in the banner

    Homely adj. , -lier , -liest . Not attractive or good-looking: a homely child. Lacking elegance or refinement: homely furniture. So, the banner is basically saying the forums look bad.[/align]
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    This is a project of mine. Basically, it's a custom set of cards (spoilers; that's all I need) which will be used in Redshark to create a new, balanced metagame. Some existing cards will be reprinted, but most will be original. I want EVERYTHING to have a niche; there will be no line between...
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    The moonlight is bright...

    Cresselia- see what I meant about it making my Darkrai less broken? Card by me, art by Ken Sugimori, blank by Cascade Gonpory, backdrop from Pokemon Zeo. Like it?
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    Dreams, dreams...

    Card by me, art by Ken Sugimori. The power isn't as broken as you'd think- you'll see why next promo... Yay, I have Photoshop! JPEG because Imageshack doesn't host anything better, unless you count PNG's...:( First D/P card, what do you think?
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    An unobtainable from my fangame...

    Trying out a new program- I think it'd work just as well as Photoshop is the font sizes were the same in it. Card by me, art by KougaWolf of Acanthite, Pokecommunity, and IIRC, Serebii. Pokemon by both me and Kouga. Like the new Promo symbol?
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    This fic includes some Derukia Pokemon, and later on it will include the actual region. Later on, I may make one-shots intended as supplemental material. These will be included here. Prolouge: "...Who am I?" The Pokemon opened its eyes, but naught was seen. Yet, it could hear... "Sir...
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    Supplies for those developing fangames.

    I'm sick of seeing fangames with absolutely NO development, no art, horrid maps, etc. Why? They, at least subconciously, don't think they'll finish, and don't use enough effort. As a result, we've got a bunch of newbie games here which will never get finished. It's time to fix this. Here, I'm...
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    DPPt/HGSS Crazy Weavile's "My Player" thread

    Welcome to Crazy Weavile's player thread! RULES: I do not accept any sort of interaction with hacked Pokemon or items. I do, however, freely trade and accept clones. MY INFORMATION: My Friend Code: Don't have one yet. AIM: None... PM me Contact Time: Contact me when I'm logged on any...
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    EX: Solarpolis

    An ancient city rests deep in the desert... Inside its walls, a great tower, built to contain the ultimate power... In time, this city was lost to both the sands, and the sands of time... Only the great beacon atop it remains... The beacon in the city of the sun... CARDS: Holos: 1/84...
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    Pokemon New Sugi Art-6 in total

    First, a disclaimer. I DO NOT claim these as my own. I was checking's mission 10/post-game guide for gross inaccuracies, when I noticed something. All of the illustrations are brand-new! So, I ripped them, which was easy, and now we have these. Alas, they're a bit low-quality, so we...
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    Pokemon Titanium and Iron Versions

    Story: Pokemon Titanium happens 10 years after RSE, in the scenic Derukia region. Onward... Darkness. Darkness all around. The black storm clouds hovered over the endless chasms, and spread scant droplets of rain into this new world's barren, empty craters. Pure darkness covered this place, a...
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    Crazy Weavile's Spoiler Contest!

    It's elimination style. Brackets must be filled. I judge on: Brokenness (50/100) HP (10/100) Attacks (10/100) Power/Body (10/100) Type (10/100) Bottom Stats (10/100) Rules: 1) No stealing. Auto DQ. 2) Obey the current contest theme. 3) No fakemon. 4) No D/P style spoilers. Qualifier: Theme...
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    Pokemon: Grand Myth

    1000 years ago, a powerful Pokemon known as Horuifcua terrorized humanity. A group of powerful trainers used their Pokemon to defeat it, sending it into the fiery heart of Mt. Ember. However, two Pokemon emerged... its spirit... and the remains of its body... Guillotina and Moltinat. (my name...
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    Pokemon Important warning for those who visit SPP

    On the Acanthite fourms, I saw the following warning. It was as follows: Because of the fact that many people here also visit Serebii, I felt it to be my duty to post this.
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    Pokemon: Startears

    Story: In ancient times, the alien Pokemon Deoxys came to Earth in hopes of destroying it. It was sealed in a crystal and sent back into space, where it eventually was hit by meteor and embedded in it. Now, a strange meteor has been tracked on a crash course with the planet... Rubric...
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    Speculation on the new cards in Crystal Guardians.

    My hunch: They don't have any Pokemon *, so we're most likely getting some in the form of Vaporeon *, Jolteon *, and Flareon *. That makes 78. Then, I can promise you that we'll get the boring norm of reprinted Potion and Poke Ball. 80. Next... according to a flyer, we're getting Typhlosion d...
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    The Faking Repository (reviews)

    DISCLAIMER: Reviews can and will be blunt if the card is bad. Basically, it's a fake card museum. All members NOT on the list can post their fakes here for a member to review. Good enough reviewers could even get the right to be a Prime Reviewer. Prime Reviewers can add mambers to the No-Card...
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    I need help with blanks.

    I need Pokemon i blanks. EX border on blanks with the Pokemon i rule, and a spiky image border. Thanks in advance.
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    What's with the "the evil apostrophe is gone now." message?

    It suddenly appeared where postcount was.