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    Yeah, not a good time.

    Okay, first off sorry I haven't been here for like a month, since my computer crashed and we didn't take it in for like 2 weeks since it didn't get very bad quick. Well, we took it to Geek Squad and found out our Explorer was crashing, and that it was only supposed to take 5 days. Not good...
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    Injury Thread

    OK, ONLY reason I am making this thread is that I just had surgery on Tuesday, and I've been out for 2 days. I was just wondering how the members of this forum have hurt themselves. I'll update later with mine, since it's really annoying typing with only 1 hand =[ Also keep it...
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    Lost (possible spoilers!)

    Since the season just ended, I felt like making this thread. IMO it's the Best Show On TV (caps intended :]). Discuss this great show. *But don't talk about the finale...I haven't seen it yet (finals week :[).* Arcanine out.
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    SSBM Question

    I have heard talk about "Wavedashing" and "Waveshine" (correct name?). I was just wondering how you accomplish this? Apparently it's by abusing the game's physics, but I don't know how to actually pull it off. Anyone help? Arcanine out.
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    Favorite Movie

    Well, like always, when I hit a milestone in my post count, I make a thread. And someone just informed me that I was 1 away from 3,000 so I decided to make this thread. So what is YOUR favorite all-time movie? It doesn't have to be in any specific language or genre. But what is it...
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    Favorite Restaraunt

    So what is YOUR favorite restaraunt/fast food thing? All you have to do is say what the restaraunt is called, and what you like there, and perhaps what they serve, if the name doesn't give it away. Mine: Rib Crib I <3<3<3<3 Smokin' Chicken Nachos and the Mild Sauce. LOVE it. And...
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    Avatar Sites

    Hey I would like to know where each of you (that don't have custom-made avvies) get new Avatars, for Free of course. The Number 1 site I have found, though you do have to sign up, is: But where do YOU always go? Arcanine out.
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    3D Pinball

    Wow.  It's been a long time since I've made a new thread. 0_o Anyway many of you, like me, might have 3D Pinball for free on their computer, under the games section, and enjoy playing it.   Well what I want to know is what's the highest score you've ever gotten?   What's your average...
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    Arcanine 274's Food Fight Team!

    Well since everybody else is starting there team so let's go ahead and create my own team! Here are the rules V Now if you are already in a team, it doesn't matter.  You can betray, or still be on their team.  But, if you are still on...
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    Pokemon If you could live in a Pokemon region which would it be?

    The title says it all, but I'll say it again. If you could be in a Pokemon Region, which one would you choose? Me, I'd choose Kanto, because it's where Arcanine is;). Where would you choose? Arcanine out.
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    Hehehe I'd like a Sig.  too ;)

    Heh since Meta-morphis did this, I think it'd be kinda cool to have one too.  I'd like to have a Arcanine on one side, facing the right, and an Arcanine on the other side facing the left.  Then i want Arcanine 274 in hte middle.  here's a rundown <Arcanine    Arcanine  Arcanine>...
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    Ruling Time for a NOOB ? from a non-NOOB! - magnetrode

    huh i'm sick of wondering this. i'm in an isolated area (those who are in OK know what i mean, horrible metagame and stuff out here) so i have noone to ask this question about Holon Magnetrode. Do they count as attaching an energy because nowhere on either card do they state that it counts as...
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    So, what are you going to run for Gym Challenge?

    just like what the title says, what are you planning on running for GC? Or, if you are in another country what are you planning to run for Nationals, if you are going? I myself, am not sure, since i can't seem to decide. here are my finalists Decks: Jynxfett T2 Arcanine ex Rock-Lock...
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    Trying to decide on what to run. Please help.

    I need help on what to pick for my deck, for Gym Challenge.  Here's the list on what i have the cards to build. Decks: Machamp LM/Electrode ex/Jirachi dx/Magcargo dx Gengar LM/Pidgeot T2 Arcanine Jynxfett Zap-turn-dos Bannette ex varient Pow! Block Lunarock i'm leaning towards...
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    Trying to decide on what to run. Please help.

    I need help on what to pick for my deck, for Gym Challenge. Here's the list on what i have the cards to build. Decks: Machamp LM/Electrode ex/Jirachi dx/Magcargo dx Gengar LM/Pidgeot T2 Arcanine Jynxfett Zap-turn-dos Bannette ex varient Pow! Block i'm leaning towards Jynxfett or...
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    Artist Review- Ryo Ueda

    hey it's time for a review on the great ex artist Ryo Ueda!  now as most of you know he has a great form, simple ex's style.  it's not that glamorous, but it always just makes you go WOW!  i'm gonna be listing every single ex he has drawn from HL-on.  please correct me if any mistakes, then i...
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    Artist Review - Hikaru Koike

    hey since Tomokazu Komiya has been posting reviews on other artists, i've decided to do one on my favorite artist.  now i might not be able to real detailed review like some, but i do know what's good and what's bad.  he is an ex artist and has a very distinct form.  off the top of my head...
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    Is H.A.R.D. playable? (del-arca-tail)

    Do you think H.A.R.D (del-arca-tail) is playable??? I mean I have all the cards for it, but i'm wondering if it's really worth playing. do you think that it could've been good, but we overrated it. Or do you think nobody has tried it yet and it could be great? the only problem with it is...
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    Best card for each type

    Hey i wanta know what your best card for each type is.  mine are- Dark:  Umbreon ex Psychic:  Espeon ex Water:  Feraligatr ex Colorless  Rayquaza ex (wish i had lugia ex) and 5x Pidgeot Fighting:  Machamp LM (in my oppinion is better than Harriyama ex) Grass:  Dustox ex and Meganium ex...
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    Wonders what deck is?!?!?

    hey my friend said he wanted to build a le metro deck since it won a state championships for gym challenge, and he wants to playtest against me, but I don't know what to expect from it since i've never even heard of it. is it a rogue and he's just copying, or is it a semi-archetype. I don't...