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  1. KnightofDust

    TCG Fakes Legacy Collection: Sinnoh

    Are you tired of waiting for Gen 4 to come back? Are you tired of crazy GXs, TAG TEAMS, Prism Stars, Vs, and VMAXs? Are you tired of Baby Pokémon that do absolutely nothing? Well I can't change that, because I don't work for GameFreak / TPCi, but what I can do is make them myself...
  2. KnightofDust

    TCG Fakes KoD's image fakes (WIP sets, random Promos etc.)

    Stuff that I'm currently working on (No idea when it'll get finished though, life's tough:() *Also since I don't actually play the card game, I am hot garbage at balancing so please do comment if you think my cards are crazily overpowered/horribly underpowered...
  3. KnightofDust

    TCG Fakes KnightofDust's October project (hopefully I'll get it done by the end of this month)

    So this thread is just a log of what I'm gonna do for October this month. This is just a personal project that stemed from random thoughts. My aim is to finish this card (hopefully) by the end of October, since I might need to take a break from card making after that to focus on uni. As you...
  4. KnightofDust

    Help General questions about the Greninja BREAK Deck

    Hello, I'm trying to get into the TCG and I'm quite interested in the Greninja deck currently in the meta. I don't have any actual experience at the TCG (the most I could do is theory crafting), so I need your help! Here's a few questions: 1) What exactly elevates this deck above countless...