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  1. kravenace

    What they should've (or shouldn't have) made..

    This. Who in the world thought of this card?
  2. kravenace

    What will T/S/S lines look like with HGSS

    I still prefer Roseann's over Collector since you can search for a surprise basic tech and it's corresponding energy.
  3. kravenace

    Why Did You Join PokéBeach?

    RE: Why'd you join PokeBeach? Because I was a kid! :D And Pokebeach sounded much more appealing than PokeGym, lol. And I've been here for almost 4 years now, I have no regrets!
  4. kravenace

    The "I did an Awesome Trade" Thread

    2 Floatzel GL + 3 Expert Belt for Flygon Lv.X
  5. kravenace

    The HeartGold and SoulSilver TCG Disscussion Thread

    Personally, I like Clefable and Blissey Prime best.
  6. kravenace

    Which cards do you want to be reprinted?

    I'd want Spinda from LM. One of the most broken starters, lol.
  7. kravenace

    Good buy?

    All right, thanks.
  8. kravenace

    Good buy?

    I'm not that interested in the SP line.
  9. kravenace

    Good buy?

    What's a good buy? I'm choosing between Platinum and Rising Rivals.
  10. kravenace

    Which cards do you want to be reprinted?

    Politoed ex, Blissey ex and Ampharos UF.
  11. kravenace

    I pulled something cool from a booster pack!

    RE: The "I pulled something cool" topic. Bought an Arceus pack after more or less 2 years of quitting the game. Got a Tangrowth Lv.X. Maybe it's the game's way of telling me to play again? Lol.
  12. kravenace

    Saturday, 4/5, Website Back Up, Thank You

    Good to have you back. I've been on PB for 4 years now, I won't let this site go down. More power!
  13. kravenace

    Ruling Lying during searches

    I never did that before. Maybe people are doing it for free discards in able to use some Trainers/Pokepowers (ex. Steven's Advice)
  14. kravenace

    Ruling Claydol GE

    He's correct, Up to does not include zero. It is basic grammar and arithmetic rules in math.
  15. kravenace

    Tuesday, 11/6, Kingdra ex d Card Review, Entei / Rayquaza in SSBB, OP Press Releases

    A good review. Nice work strategists. Keep it up. Good luck and God bless.
  16. kravenace

    Ruling Newb Questions

    186.15 Dollars. . . That's 8376.75 in our currency which is enough to buy 2 boxes. Anyways, instead of buying retail, buy boxes wholesale and maybe you can get a discount. Let's see, a box of Secret Wonders and one Mystical Treasures since some of the MT Rares/Holos are still in demand. It's...
  17. kravenace

    Finished New game- Are YOU popular? (Updated first post with new forum positions) (You-person-person-you)

    RE: New game- Are YOU popular? Member. First time I saw you ;D, when did you join?
  18. kravenace

    Ruling mawile????

    RE: mawile?? I see. Good to have been confirmed by the PUI.
  19. kravenace

    If you had Time-space Distortion, what would you do with it?

    I did find a way to use it though ;)