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  1. kravenace

    Good buy?

    What's a good buy? I'm choosing between Platinum and Rising Rivals.
  2. kravenace

    Really a Misprint

    So Supreme command really was a Pokepower after all.
  3. kravenace

    Honor, Strategy and Originality

    I think these are what most players should have. I mean, in a deeper sense, some people all just have the cards and copies other's decks. Some people, who are mostly poor, like me, just picks a card and stays with it till the end. May it be or not because of my self principle or I'm just too...
  4. kravenace


    I guess mercury is gonna be more popular because there's gonna be a Basic Metal Energy.
  5. kravenace


    Hmm... From my own observation, people only tend to copy decks these days. More and more people only just find a list and find the cards needed for the deck... This is bothering me... much... What do you think?...
  6. kravenace

    Friendster accounts

    Any people use friendster here? Here's my add ; [email protected] ! ADD UP! THANKS!
  7. kravenace

    Trainer info cards

    Hi guys.. I was wondering, how do you make or where do you find the Trainer Info Cards, the ones in some member's sigs? Since I'm not any good at Photoshop or anything, can I ask someone to make it for me? I would be very very grateful! Thanks!
  8. kravenace

    Vaporeon * Discussion

    Very very good power nonetheless. Suggestions?
  9. kravenace

    Star Request!

    What card would you want to be a * Pokemon..!? As for me, I would like a Jirachi * so I could complete my Kawaii Pokemon* Collection! I'd like to hear what you've got to say!
  10. kravenace

    Meganium DF - Evolutionary Call, broken?

  11. kravenace

    Funny TCG encounters

    I, once again, out of my mind. So, I decided to write about funny Pokemon TCG encounters i thought of :P. 1.With no benched Pokemons, Mew ex LM vs Snorlax DF. 2.Ditto as Mr. Mime vs itself. 3.Dewgong DF with 3 Fire energies vs Dewgong DF with 3 Grass energies with no benched Pokemons...
  12. kravenace

    Ruling Latios HP

    will latios HP's body and aggron ex CG's body contradict? of course all the presqusite requirements of latio's body is met ^_^
  13. kravenace

    Ruling Cessation Crystal PROBLEM #1

    lets say if you have a vibrava on the active with cess crystal.... then you evovle it in into flygon ex LM.... will the power work?! oh BTW Abhorsen, really need you're help on this one
  14. kravenace

    Ruling Crystal Laser - Deoxys HP [Normal]

    How does it work? 1st turn 20 2nd turn 60 3rd turn 20 4th turn 60 right?
  15. kravenace

    Ruling Mewtwo d DS

    cant find on compedium >.< let's say if there's a mewtwo d DS on the active, then a blaziken with 4 BASIC energies on the bench... if i put a mewtwo d DS on the bench can it's pokepower transfer energy from blaziken to mewtwo d DS on the active? Delta Switch Once during your turn, when...
  16. kravenace

    Ruling About The age groups

    Age Group Changes During the 2006-07 season, you will stay in the same age group, no matter how much older you get. In previous years, if you turned 15 in the middle of a season, you were required to move up to the 15+ group. Not anymore! As of September, 2006, if you were: * Born in...
  17. kravenace

    Double Meaning Attacks

    Here some attacks that has a GREEN side :P Upward Lick - Politoed ex Swallow Up - Politoed ex, Swalot HL, Dark Arbok TR Spit Up - Pelipper DR Long Tentacle - Tentacruel HL Egg Surprise - Chansey RG Speed Shot - Magneton RG Wiggle - Tangela RG Lick - Lickitung RG Tounge Whip - Lickitung...
  18. kravenace


    Who here is addicted to holo cards? i, never enter a tournanent, wether it may be official or unnoficial, without using an all holo deck, including commons, uncommons, trainers and most especially energies[EM ones] :P i'm so vain >: D
  19. kravenace

    Ruling Holon Circle

    hmm let's see if we say you have Primape D with 2 Energies and you use Wreck, what effect will go first? the one on the wreck? or the one on the Holon Circle?
  20. kravenace

    Ruling New Counters???

    so guys any ideas what does the quake and seal counter do in furthest ends of offense and defense exp. ???