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    First Footage of 'Pocket Monsters' Anime!

    The show has improved a lot from the Johto days when it was just repetitive filler and misty and brock were basically background characters with no development and terrible battles. Amazing how the writers permanently dropping Misty from the series a whopping 17 years sticked for the rest of...
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    Why didn’t you like May in the Pokémon anime?

    Why didn’t you like May in the Pokémon anime?
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    So why exactly do you say May is weaker as a battler than Misty or Dawn in the anime?

    So why exactly do you say May is weaker as a battler than Misty or Dawn in the anime?
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    'Mewtwo Strikes Back EVOLUTION' Trailer Gives First Look at Ash, Misty, and Brock in CGI!

    This is why nostalgia pandering is bad. I also think we've seen enough of misty/brock to last a lifetime, even if this is a remake.
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    News 'Pokemon: I Choose You!' Movie 20 Summary!

    Did people seriously think the writers cared about Misty/Brock? After the original Kanto season ended, the writers didn't even care about Misty/Brock much when they were actually still on the show. Considering it's also been nearly 15 years (!) since Misty was permanently dropped from the anime...
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    Ash's Pokémon and Their Evolutions

    Cyndaquil should have evolved in the middle of the Johto saga. Ash's Johto team was generally poor and the lack of evolutions really killed it. The writers tried to improve it by making Heracross a powerhouse when he returned, evolving Phanpy in BF, etc...but the starters are still just kinda...
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    Media Why Isn't Pokémon on Cartoon Network as Much as Before?

    The anime is in its 18th season, its been over a decade since the original fad of the series died. What do you think? Its a very old show now, and kids of today don't watch Pokemon like they did a decade ago.
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    Original Script for Third Pokemon Movie Involved a T-Rex

    The anime has always run with the same formula, but I guess you've just outgrown the show?
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    Original Script for Third Pokemon Movie Involved a T-Rex

    Its a shame Shudo lost control of the anime during Johto. That's why Johto turned into a repetitive filler-fest and the show lost its charm from the first two seasons.
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    Why Was BW So Bad? Multi-Level Theory

    What went wrong was just the writing style. Ash was regressed for the first time ever, he captured tons of pokemon with no development, it had the worst league, and then a pointless filler arc where nothing happened. Serious TR was also botched and that could have been great. His main rival...
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    Most and Least Interesting Female Protagonists?

    Well yes, but it felt worse with Misty due to the sheer mass of time she was on the show. The Johto saga was 156 episodes long, can you believe Johto alone was almost as long as the AG and DP series altogether, which were both 191 episodes? Misty was in the anime for 275 total episodes, which...
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    Most and Least Interesting Female Protagonists?

    Keep in mind we have to split Misty into two characters here, since Kanto/Orange Misty is a lot different than Johto Misty. For me: May > Dawn > Kanto/Orange Misty > Serena > Johto Misty > Iris. Had Togepi not drained away most of Misty's personality in Johto she would probably rank a bit...
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    Do you think the writers neglected Misty in the series when she was around?

    Its actually kind of ironic that Serena actually got less screentime at the start of XY than Misty did, although Serena's been improving as of late in the focus department.
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    Do you think Pokemon Showcase will end up like Contests?

    There is nothing surprising going to happen here. Serena will win her remaining tokens and enter the Master Class showcase, most likely lose to a rival who wins the whole thing. Either Shauna will win the whole thing or some new rival will pop out of nowhere at the end like Solidad, etc. and...
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    Ash & Serena: Romantic Developments?

    Dawn and Ash were more like a brother/sister relationship. Dawn never had a confirmed crush on Ash, just a strong friendship. Misty's subplot was abandoned over a decade ago and with Ash/Serena being a current part of the show it depends what happens by the end of XY.
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    What's Your Favorite Season From the Anime?

    Its an almost tie between Kanto/Orange Islands, AG, and DP. XY is getting up there close with them too. Johto had some good episodes as well but got bogged down with too much repetitive filler at times. BW was OK, but definitely one of the weaker seasons.
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    Which Characters Would You Like to See Return to the Anime?

    Given that ORAS is almost a year old now I think May's time has passed, which is unfortunate because she could have had a good arc. I guess this proves the writers have no interest in bringing back an older female lead more than once after the following generation. For the same reason Misty...
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    Which Characters Would You Like to See Return to the Anime?

    I don't really think TR have been all that funny or memorable since the Johto/Hoenn eras of the anime. Much like Brock, by the time DP started their repetitive gags and characters had gotten beyond stale. They tried to freshen it up in BW but that didn't go over well so in XY they're sort of...
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    Which Characters Would You Like to See Return to the Anime?

    Harley was one of the best rivals of the entire series, and the Contests were made more interesting because of him. May had the best interactions with her rivals for a female in the series. Also I find it baffling you think the Contests make the girls weak, since they battled far more in...
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    Do You Think Iris Will Appear in XY?

    Brock didn't appear in BW probably because he had been on the show for so long...what else was there to do with him? We have 600 episodes of Brock pretty much doing the same thing over and over again, you could tell the writers were very bored with him in DP and probably regretted bringing him...