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  1. Toybot

    Discussion Hoenn Partner Pack Delay- I think I found out why

    Anyone else who collects the Jumbo Partner packs have all noticed no stores, not even ebay, have Hoenn for sale. The ebay stores I deal with all gave me the same answer that they won't have it till the end of month. I just got my 3 Hoenn packs from pokemon center and instantly noticed...
  2. Toybot

    Ultra PRO Releasing New Booster Box Displays!

    I bought my 1st Ed. Booster Boxes in 1999 for about what newly released Boxes sell for. Now, those 1st Ed. Boxes are worth alot. It's about protecting it from damage like something banging against it or from getting wet or even getting dirty from dust(mines pretty dusty and it shows when you...
  3. Toybot

    Collecting 500+ Banned Card Collection

    Hello Everyone! Little Background first since it's my first post. I started Pokemon TCG waaaay back in 1999. I hustled alot in trading, buying and selling in middle school. Once I finished , I had amassed a collection, threw it in a box and kept it with me since. Fast Forward to last month...