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  1. DashKing

    PTCGO PTCGL Pack Conversion Question

    Regarding the crystal credit for unopened packs when transferring cards from PTCGO to PTCGL, what packs count? For example, do locked packs count towards the total? What about "special packs" like Pikachu Themed Avatar Boxes or Uncommon Chests?
  2. DashKing

    Ruling Mew UNB and Phoebe

    Regarding Mew UNB and Phoebe from Battle Styles, if I play Phoebe from my hand before attacking with RS Urshifu VMAX, does GMAX Rapid Flow go through Bench Barrier?
  3. DashKing

    Help POG

    Hi all, I'm planning to participate in the POG TCG championships this weekend but I don't have many of the cards needed for what I believe is the best deck (ADPZ) . Would someone be willing to lend some cards for teh deck over the weekend. I would be happy to provide some collateral if needed...
  4. DashKing

    Help PokeStats Tournaments

    Hi all, I've been a fan of formats from around 2013-2017. I saw that PokeStats has been running retro tournaments but can seem to find a sign-up link or an explanation of how the tournament works. Is it possible to play in the tournaments. If so, is there a website I can go? Thanks
  5. DashKing

    Help Searching for a Card

    Hi, I'm searching for a card with an ability which returns the Pokemon and all cards attached to it to your hand (in the Standard or Expanded format) Thanks
  6. DashKing

    Discussion December PTCGO Pokebeach Tournament Suggestions

    Let me preface this by saying that this is my opinion and suggestions. This is something I would like to happen, but this is my opinion. I would love to compete in the December Pokebeach. The Pokemon and Pokebeach community is great and helps me improve my player ability. When I first...
  7. DashKing

    Event Pre-Releases

    I want to go to a Pre-Release tomorrow but have some questions: 1. Do I need sleves for a Pre-Release? 2. Do I need to register somewhere/how do I register? 3. I have never been to a real life tournament before, do I need anything else? Thank You!
  8. DashKing

    Discussion Decks for Worlds Format (BTH-CLS)

    I am going to have a mock tournament with a couple of my friends in the World's format and I would like to know what deck are good coming out of CLS other than Rayquaza. Thoughts?
  9. DashKing

    Expanded AromaBox?

    In 2015, the deck revolving around the XY Aromatise did quite well. Now in expanded, is this deck a competitor or has it been phased out by cards like Zoroark GX? Here is my example list: ****** Pokémon Trading Card Game Deck List ****** ##Pokémon - 21 * 1 Shaymin-EX ROS 77 * 2 Darkrai-EX LTR...
  10. DashKing

    Help How Do Youtubers Have Accounts With Every Card?

    Every time I see a ptcgo video I see the youtuber showcase a deck where they have 4 of every card. How do they manage this? Is there some youtube requirement or something? Thank You in Advance!
  11. DashKing

    Ruling EXP Share + Divide GX

    My younger brother and I were having a game with proxy cards. I was playing Turbo Dark with Darkrai GX and he was playing Espeon Garb. I had 2 Darkrais with 30 and 70 hp left. I had 2 EXP Shares on 2 other pokemon. The Darkrais had 2 energy each. If he knocked out the Darkrais with Divide GX...
  12. DashKing

    Standard Golisopod GX/Lurantis (Deck for Worlds)

    An idea I've had for a while (ever since Golisopod GX was leaked. 120 for a single energy seemed pretty good, so what if you could take KO's for a single energy? (150 w/ choice band, 170 w/ 1 lurantis promo and choice band etc). A 210 HP beast that does 150+ damage for a single energy is hard to...