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  1. Tomokazu Komiya

    Wi-Fi Trades Tomokazu Komiya's "My Player" Thread

    Welcome to Tomokazu Komiya's player thread! MY INFORMATION: My Friend Code: 4081 2431 4007 Name: Tito AIM/MSN/Yahoo/whatever: nada. E-mail me at [email protected] Contact Time: Whenever MY HAVES/WANTS Note: I use the Emerald cloning glitch, but not any hacking devices. POKEMON FOR...
  2. Tomokazu Komiya


    Is anyone here on If so, you can PM me and I'll see about making you my friend.
  3. Tomokazu Komiya

    They Might Be Giants Is anyone familiar with this band? They're my favorite musicians.
  4. Tomokazu Komiya

    Strikethru Names

    When somebody's name has a strikethru through it, like Light Venusaur's currently does, that mean they're banned, right? If so, why is LV banned?
  5. Tomokazu Komiya

    Hank Okay, I'd just like to say THAT IS NOT ME. I know I created the account, but that is not me writing. I have absolutely NO beef with PMJ - I think he's a cool guy and was glad to see he finally became a mod. Here's the full story of how...
  6. Tomokazu Komiya

    Electivire Lv. X

    Translation: Electivire L.X ? Lightning ? HP120 Level Up Poke-Body: Shocking Tail As long as Electivire is your Active Pokemon, whenever your opponent attaches an Energy from his or her hand to 1 of his or her Pokemon, place 2 damage counters on that Pokemon. [L][C] Pulse Barrier: 50 damage...
  7. Tomokazu Komiya

    The "Weird Al" Yankovic Thread

    Are there any big Weird Al fans in this forum except me? If so, post here!!! Weird Al is undoubtedly my favorite musician. My first album was Poodle Hat, then I got his most recent - Straight Outta Lynwood - and was hooked. The man is HILARIOUS!!!!! White and Nerdy is one of my favorite...
  8. Tomokazu Komiya

    The EX game!!!!

    Here's the stupid game for today!!!!! One person will post a scan of an EX card- Ruby/Sapphire through Power Keepers. (from, of course) For example: The next person has to post ANOTHER Pokémon that beats the Pokémon in weakness, (if it has no weakness, post any type you...
  9. Tomokazu Komiya

    The art of Power Keepers

    I really like most of this set's artwork. Mitsuhiro Arita did really good on Flygon and Salamence ex. Some of the art on the other ex's seems kind of sloppy, like on Metagross and Shiftry, but it's good on a whole. (Claydol ex is awesome) I HATEHATEHATE all the Ken Sugimori stuff.... It's very...
  10. Tomokazu Komiya

    EX: Power Keepers reprints

    Could somebody please compile a list of all the reprinted cards in PK and what they are a reprint of? I don't care about trainers, just Pokémon (meaning the critters) cards. Because it seems ?50% of the cards in this set are reprints.... And all the good ones are brand new. (Salamence ex.... derr.)
  11. Tomokazu Komiya

    Why reviving old threads is prohibited

    I know this is a common rule to follow in many forums, but why? Is it really better to start a new thread about the exact same topic than to revive a thread 15 days old? I mean, the same discussion get done, and more forum space is created to accomadate multiple threads. Unless there is...
  12. Tomokazu Komiya

    Prerelease Base Raichu

    There is a legend that follows: A long, long time ago, when they were printing prerelease Clefables for Jungle, a few Base Raichus slipped into the printing press and came out with a prerelease stamp on them. I would like to see proof that it exists... And by that I mean real, photo exidence...
  13. Tomokazu Komiya

    Power Keepers Revelations Well folks, there you have it. Freak out to the max.
  14. Tomokazu Komiya

    I'm not going.

    I'm not going or saying goodbye, so please, nobody give me your goodbye wishes. That would break my little heart in two.
  15. Tomokazu Komiya

    EX Dragon frontiers English Scans and Pack, Theme deck art revealed!!!! Wow. Someone else beat WPM to the punch.
  16. Tomokazu Komiya

    EX: Dragon Frontiers Set List

    All right, if no promo cards are thrown in, and the rarity of cards doesn't change, here's what the EX: Dragon Frontiers set list will look like: All right, if no promo cards are thrown in, and the rarity of cards doesn't change, here's what the EX: Dragon Frontiers set list will look like...
  17. Tomokazu Komiya

    Where's the Ho-oh, Lugia, and Smeargle images?

    WPM posted a week or two back that he took photos of Smeargle, Ho-oh, and Lugia artwork at Worlds, and said he would post them soon. Well, where are they?
  18. Tomokazu Komiya

    Some people make fake sets, I make real sets

    Okay, so the Japanese D/P card set is coming out this October in Japan to coincide with the release of the D/P games. EX Dragon Frontiers will probably come out around then. It will probably take a while to translate D/P and release them outside of Japan, which I am guessing will be around...
  19. Tomokazu Komiya

    Those ugly animations

    I must know, WHERE do those ugly animations that everyone has in their signatures now come from? There's the Chikorita VS Cyndaquil, the Chikorita VS Wobbuffet, the SSBB Nidorina.... And then there's the gifs. The thing WPM has in has avatar, the dancing Plusle and Minun and Mawile, etc...
  20. Tomokazu Komiya

    Pixar Planet

    Disclaimer: I do NOT mean for this to be advertising.... I just wish for people to know about this great site. Now, I am a HUGE fan of Pixar Animation Studios. I have been obessed with their films since I was 3, and it is my life's ambition to land a job at the company. I have recently...