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  1. lt_tatter

    Discussion Ever seen anyone play with Toploaders?

    Just curious if it is allowed to play with a full deck in top loaders? I know it sounds silly but I have seen people who play rather expensive magic decks all in double sleeves and top loaders. Maybe someone running a deck with 3 or 4 full art shaymins? Just wondering if anyone has ever seen or...
  2. lt_tatter

    Help Is Pyukumuku's Innards Out ability working for you?

    I've been playing with this new card online, but often the ability wont activate after it is knocked out by an attack. Anyone else experiencing this?
  3. lt_tatter

    Help Pokemon TCG Rotation, Tournaments, and Other Questions for New Player

    So when do the rotations occur? I know the last 4 expansions get rotated out, but when does that happen? I also would like to know how tournaments work, winning, and attending official Pokemon Events. I used to do the Regionals for the video games from 2009-2013 , but back then all you had to...
  4. lt_tatter

    Ruling Splash Energy and Evolved Pokemon

    How does splash energy work for evolved pokemon? Say you attached to a M Blastoise Ex and it got knocked out, would the M blastoise returnt to the hand? or would the M blastoise and including the Blastoise Ex it evolved from return to the hand? what about the spirit link?
  5. lt_tatter

    Standard Machamp Break

    Hello I am a totaly new player to TCG and for my first ever attempt to play I want to run Machamp Break, mainly because I already have most of the cards for it. I got this deck list from someone I've been watching on youtube to get an idea of how the game works, get an idea of current popular...
  6. lt_tatter

    Discussion Do You Subscribe to any TCG YouTube Channels?

    I am just curious to see if any of you watch battles/analysis/build videos on youtube. Follow anyone specific? I like DarkIntegralGaming cause he finds some good ways to make cards competitive and finds some interesting combos. Anyone else to watch out for?
  7. lt_tatter

    Trades [USA] lttatter's Trades Updated with GX!

    Hello everyone! I recently started collecting cards and am looking to complete a full set of Generations, Evolutions, and Sun and Moon. I need a few holos, reverse holos, rares and Ex's to complete. I also have a few other wants as I will try to get into TCG. Rules: Please be fair with your...
  8. lt_tatter

    Collecting What Do You Do With Jumbo Cards?

    Just curious as to see what other people do with those outrageous larg cards. I got the Solgaleo GX oversized card and have no idea what to do with this? Anyone use it as decoration or just throw it away? Looking for some ideas cause I just started collecting cards and these giant sets...